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Ok so a lot of women of color have given this makeup a bad review . Well to each his own. First of all like magic it actually matched my skin tone (hard to find 355 ) then the second thing I loved is I'm a New Yorker so moisture is super important to my skin in the winter and also I like a more Dewey makeup look so it was perfect for me. Another complaint I heard is the smell, I would like to say I've smelt no such thing. It sincerely smells like cucumbers. I encourage everyone to try this it is amazing.

Loved it

So this weekend was my first time using the product and it was so simple to use I loved the smell and it did exactly what it said it would

Must haveeee!

Carmex is a must have essential all women should have Carmex it literally solves 85% of all problems you'll have with your lips especially if you live some where that gets really cold ei.New York

Love is too strong a word

I liked it the product served it's purpose but the texture was odd for lack of a better adjective and I just feel like even though I don't have much to compare it to because I don't usually use face primers the product could have been better


My younger cousin came to visit me and I took hers and now me and my mom use it. And omg I loove this product it is a must have it covers everything

Not a fav

During the summer I was trying to figure out how to summer proof my makeup since I was going to my grandfathers house in Honduras so I did some research online and a beautiful black makeup guru by the name of tiara Monet was raving about maybellines bb cream so i decided to take her word for it and became disappointed because the product was not at all what I expected and gave almost no coverage

Omg amazing

Words can not describe the love I have for this mascara this right here is Gods gift to eyelashes this is my all time favorite mascara and the lengths it brings my eyelashes too are phenomenal everyone should try this and I do mean everyone

Booooo not good

I hated this I first tried it when I was on vacation in Miami and it did nothing for my eyelashes I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone no volume or length


Okay so I have extremely short eyelashes and I like to cake on mascara this one is by far one of favorites it doesn't clump and goes to fantastic lengths and I just couldn't get enough great product

Omg I love these

They cost a dollar and they are amazing if you ever woke up and decided you wanted to glow like Jennifer Lopez this product will assist in that process it's one of my favorites and I always use it great pigment for dark skin tones

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