Original Flavored Lip Balm


Zafira  V.
Perfect for nasty winter lips

This product is an essential all year round, mainly in the winter time. The lip balm is absolutely amazing and works wonders. When you put it on you can feel the balm moisturise your lips. It also works really fast. I like to put a nice thick layer on before I go to bed and wake up with smooth, crack free lips. Would recommend to anyone :)

Melanie C.

Oh man, Carmex definitely brings me back. I'd been using it all through middle school (then stopped because I realized I liked trying new things too) but now I mostly use it for cold sores, which is TOTALLY EXCELLENT FOR. That's all I use it for, but I still really like it as well as a lip balm, although I've been leaning more towards Aquaphor and Jack Black lately for that purpose. Carmex is definitely a stand-by though!

Lucy I.
mama didnt lie

always put this stuff before bed at night, and before you even think of putting on any primers or lip rouge. the lines on my lips have diminished almost entirely.

Ana B.
Pretty good lip balm

It moisturizes, heals, and feels good on the lips. Not bad for the price. The only drawback is that it tastes really bad if you get it in your mouth. Personally, I think the tube makes it a little messy to use.

Galina I.
can't live without it

I have at least 4 tubes of this. some in the car a few in different purses. I put it on about half an hour before putting on lipstick and it helps moisturize my lips without making the lipstick feather

Dawn A.

This stuff...Oh. My. Gah. Its just fantabulous! Its so moisturizing, repairing, long-lasting...pretty much makes my lips feel so amazing. its absolutely everything I want in a lip ChapStick/balm thing I could ever want! The only thing I have to say about it is the smell, which I personally don't have a problem with but I know it smells bad to other people...but I would recommend this to anybody living here on earth and this will forever be a holy grail.

Vimisha M.

feels great. its bit too glossy but also smells great Tingle's your lips but its not too bad also not to expensive its found nearly in every shop

Lacey B.

I've loved this lip balm for as long as I can remember. It really keeps my lips from being chapped in the winter. I love the tingly feeling. The smell is my favorite thing ever. If I could have a carmex scented perfume... ok maybe thats a little far. The smell is very comforting to me. I cannot own enough of this stuff.

Anna B.
In Love!

Works wonders! I find myself using this over Eos and Baby Lips. It helps by moisturizes and lasts praticaly all day! Recremended for exsesively chapped lips. Please try and you will love ?? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Annie  V.

I use to like this product but once I found out It had salicylic acid in I threw it away, salicylic acid makes your lips more chapped so you have to buy more of the product and it was having that effect on me.