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Wafi A.
For everywhere

I probably have like 50 different tubes of Carmex scattered throughout my house, my room, various bags, the car, and in the most random places. I love Carmex. I always hear how bad it is for you, and how it's just a film over your lips, and how it doesn't really do anything.

I just love how it moisturizes. There's this slight burn that I also really love. I feel like my lips are healing because they no longer crack and become chapped. I love this for the winter.

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Holly K.
Perfect Lip Balm EVER!

I have used carmex since i started wearing makeup. It's always kept my lips in near perfect condition. It's moisturizing... you know what it does pretty much everything. lol I have a tube of carmex in my car, one in my room, one in my purse, and one at my grandparents house. lol i think i also have an extra one in my bathroom. I always put on carmex before i put on lipstick or a gloss and the carmex fills in the cracks of my lips, and even the chapped areas if i have any. Makes my lips look pretty much perfect. :)

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Anna D.

I think a lot of people forget that Carmex is really good for cold sores and extremely dry lips. I'm not going to waste $20 on a high end product that claims to soften my lips and moisturize them when I can pay at most $2 on a tube of Carmex that will moisturize my lips and give me that refreshed feeling after wards, and it will be handy for those embarrassing cold sores.

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Pamela M. or hate?
Photo of product included with review by Pamela M.

Personally Im in love with this heals my chapped lips fast...I put it on each night before I go to bed and every morning when i get up I apply it and go about my morning routine and my lips are moisturized great by the time im ready to apply my lip stick or for me the answer is LOVE IT..and I already repurchase it all of the opinion is that it does do everything that they claim in the ads..its great for me..I recommend that you give it a try..and its very affordable..also its available in different flavors,in tubes stick or jars..for me I get the tube and its the original flavoring..and a wonderful side note...NOT ANIMAL TESTED !!!

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Angelica D.
Good but petroleum jelly is better

This is product is good for convenience and it does the trick, however it is not the best product for your lips. Petroleum jelly last longer and is more moisturizing, for me at least. Carmex does work and is easy to carry around and apply through out the day. I use it all of the time. However, petroleum jelly is better to put on while your are at home.

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Zafira  V.
Perfect for nasty winter lips

This product is an essential all year round, mainly in the winter time. The lip balm is absolutely amazing and works wonders. When you put it on you can feel the balm moisturise your lips. It also works really fast. I like to put a nice thick layer on before I go to bed and wake up with smooth, crack free lips. Would recommend to anyone :)

Lucy I.
mama didnt lie

always put this stuff before bed at night, and before you even think of putting on any primers or lip rouge. the lines on my lips have diminished almost entirely.

Ana B.
Pretty good lip balm

It moisturizes, heals, and feels good on the lips. Not bad for the price. The only drawback is that it tastes really bad if you get it in your mouth. Personally, I think the tube makes it a little messy to use.

Galina I.
can't live without it

I have at least 4 tubes of this. some in the car a few in different purses. I put it on about half an hour before putting on lipstick and it helps moisturize my lips without making the lipstick feather

Dawn A.

This stuff...Oh. My. Gah. Its just fantabulous! Its so moisturizing, repairing, long-lasting...pretty much makes my lips feel so amazing. its absolutely everything I want in a lip ChapStick/balm thing I could ever want! The only thing I have to say about it is the smell, which I personally don't have a problem with but I know it smells bad to other people...but I would recommend this to anybody living here on earth and this will forever be a holy grail.