Alcohol Free Toner

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Emma K.

I used to use the triple action acne toner, and found it super drying for my skin both in the winter and summer. this, isn't drying and really removes what my cleaner left behind! it doesn't strip the skin or makes my face feel tight!

Danielle W.

After reading about how bad toner with alcohol is for your skin, I decided to make the switch and found this little guy at Target. At first I was really put off my the scent; its quite strong and floral. But I got used to it in time. I noticed a huge difference in my skin. It didn't dry out as fast before I could put on moisturizer, my acne was clearing up and my face had more of a glow to it. I've purchased this twice already and after I finish using up another toner I wanted to try, I'm most likely going to buy another.

Megan F.
Gets all the dirt out that my face wash doesn't!

I was amazed the first time i used this product! I put some on a cottonball and rubbed it all over my face. When I looked the cottonball, I couldn't believe hw much dirt and make-up was still on my face even after using make-up remover wipes and face wash. Plus i love that it is alcohol-free, so it doesn't dry out my skin.

Asha M.
It's pretty good!

It's a great toner if you are a beginner in skincare. I`m not, but at the time my skin was getting oilier and oilier because of stress so i got this toner because it wasn't drying to my skin. it has a nice scent(to me) so that wasn't a problem, it is VERY calming on the skin, which is amazing if you have cystic or/and sensitive skin. as for help with the breakouts,it was okay. it did do its job but only to an extent. i highly reccomend this!

Sheena C.

Leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean! No burning sensation or tingling, just soft, clean, skin :) It's the first toner I've ever used and probably will be the only toner :)

Erin P.
So nice! No burning

This products really works. It gets all of the left over dirt I might have on my face and is great when I use nose strips. It doesn't burn my skin at all! I've used another product that claimed to not cause any burning sensation and I was tearing up at how much it burned, not good!

Rina N.

I like this product because it definitely tones your skin. After I wash my face with a cleanser even if it claims to exfoliate and all that. I use the toner and still seem to find dirty on my face. This is a great toner and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good toner!

Christine A.
Didn't really like this.

I actually felt like this toner dried my skin out a lot. It felt really drying and I didn't really see any added benefit from using it. I really wouldn't be using this again, and wouldn't recommend it.

Sharmaine D.

This toner actually makes my skin feel like it's burning. After i wash my face , and apply this toner, i have to grit my teeth to help soothe some of the pain.