Moisture Shine Lip Soother SPF 20

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Dinah D.

This product is a bit goopy for a gloss, and I don't like that. It keeps lips moisturized and protected though. I also like that since its sheer you can wear it however you want, and a little bit of it goes a long way.

Mikkipants V.

It was MOST definitely the BEST chapstick/lip soother or what have you. Never had to reapply and my lips felt AMAZING! Best 7-8 bucks I have ever spent. :D. I really lost my mind when I lost it. I will definitely have to purchase another. I highly recommend this product. Definitely looove the cooling effect it has on my lips. Very new to me.

KrizzTina M.

I live in texas, and i found this product during the summer. I was instantly surprised and in love when i realized the "cooling hydra gel" actually works. It feels great, almost minty, and i love it. I would suggest throwing them away after a while though, because they are very sticky and im sure the formula isn't meant to last year round.

Christina L.

These are my favorite drug store lip glosses ever! Whether you wear it alone or on top of a lipstick, it looks great. Your lips feel super moisturized and healthy when wearing it. These smell divine too! Very fruity and fresh. I don't know why I passed by these hundreds of times while shopping and never tried them until now.

Elida B.
Must Get

These are seriously my favorite drug store lip glosses. They apply so smooth and they smell amazing. Gleam and Glaze are my favorite. They give a tingling feeling which i love

Rina N.

These are my favorite lip glosses due to the fact that it glides on smoothly. You can feel the freshness once applied. What I like about these is the fact that they don't get sticky! Which is a big plus in the lip glosses section. They have a variety of colors and the color are nice and clean! I love these!

Christine A.

I used to use this product a lot. It is really shiny and the color didn't look too crazy so I was able to wear it everyday. It didn't make my lips dry but it was also pretty sticky so if you have long hair try not to get it near your mouth. Don't use this product now, but I purchased it several times in the past.

April P.
Just awesome!

I used this product for about 2 years straight,I just love how soft it made my lips,and they didn't dry out if I skipped a day (which was rare)I adore neutrogena in general,but glosses are my obcession so this is one of my top 3!LOVE IT!!!

Lauren H.
Really love it!

The scent, texture, color, everything about it I love. It's on the sticky side but a good sticky and it definately moisturizes your lips as well as give you SPF protection. A friend of mine told me this is the only gloss she uses so I went and bought myself one and I love it.

Shayla E.
J'adore !

I absolutely love this gloss ! The tingly feeling I get is awesome & it lasts thru eating & drinking. The color pay off is really good too ! I sometimes put it over my lipstick for a just a slight shine. It also smells better than most glosses I've ever used ! 5 HUGE stars =]