Pur Minerals

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15


Sierra  S.
Have to get

Pick recently tried this and I love this, it is great. It just doesn't work that well if you have black circles under your eyes. Instead of that, I definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs a new foundation or powder. It also has sunscreen in it, which is a bonus!

Dana S.

This foundation is better than bare minerals! It doesnt look cakey and it is so light on the skin! It gives excellent coverage and it is very natural looking! It is just amazing!

Angela W.
Better than Bare Essentuals

I finally woke up and realized that my skin was seriously suffering from being caked with stage makeup like MAC. For pictures or a special night out, yes.. but for every day? No thanks- I'm going as natural as I can these days.

That being said, the choices are somewhat limited in the cosmetics department. SO glad I found Pur! The coverage is surprisingly good, goes on very well, and the color matches are pretty good (a tan on the pink side for me with the Golden Medium so I'll have to invest in something more yellow next time). There will definitely be a next time with this product!

PS- the makeup setting acid spray from Pur is also amazing, especially over this powder. Worth it to buy both!

Olivia H.
My favorite product.

I love love LOVE this powder to death. The coverage is unbelievable with the pur brush and it is also very lightweight. Although it has great coverage, I never use it alone though. I will put primer, concealer and sometimes tinted moisturizer for zits on before I apply the powder. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a great powder!

Aley S.
Absolutely perfect

I was looking for a new foundation, because most liquids tend to make my already oily skin shiny, I decided to give this a try. BLEW ME AWAY! It has the coverage of a heavy liquid, but feels so light...It's simply amazing! Worth every penny, I will definitely be buying more!

Amber R.
LOVE this mineral powder

I have pretty sensitive skin and I used to use MAC foundation and i LOVE MAC but it tends to break my skin out sometime and seemed a little too heavy. I decided to venture out and was recommended this by an Ulta sales associate...I'm in love, it does a great job with coverage and feels light and airy on my face, not mention my skin has had far less break-outs. Only downsides I have found so far is my compact doesn't last as long as my MAC compacts did. Although it cost a few dollars less than MAC, I have to purchase a new compact way more often. Also although it claims to be a 4-in-1 (concealer, foundation, sunscreen, powder) I still use a concealer under mine.

Swinda M.
best mineral powder

i switch up between using this and my bareminerals powder over my liquid foundation. both are good but this one tends to get more use out of it bc its less messy, bc its compact not loose, i love to use this on some clients with darker skin tones bc it doesnt make them look ashy

Kim S.

would be better if it matched me! My skintone is hard to match and when I put this on it looks two tone (face/neck) and I do not like that, in fact I hate two tone so much but overall it is better for your skin than B.E.

Melanie G.
Officially a PurMinerals convert!

I have been a BareMinerals girl for probably 3 or 4 years now. I’ve heard from friends that they prefer the PurMinerals foundation to the BareMinerals (as far as coverage and not breaking them out), so I’ve always wanted to try it to see if I would like it better. I’m glad I chose the Golden Medium shade because it is perfect for my skin tone, which has yellow undertones.

The directions say to “dip” your brush into the foundation and draw circles in the lid of the compact. Well…that didn’t work. At all. Like no product got onto my brush, so I’m not sure why that would be an effective method of application. Maybe its because I don’t have the special chisel brush that is supposed to be used with the foundation? I’m not sure, but what I end up doing is swirling my brush about 2-3 times into the foundation. That is the only way that it will be able to pick up a decent amount of foundation to cover my face. I don’t expect a lot of coverage with mineral foundations…after all, they’re supposed to be light. This foundation really surprised me though! It gives excellent coverage for a mineral foundation (I would say about medium coverage if you use the right amount of product). My skin looked like porcelain when I was done applying! Any redness on my face had been covered and my skin looked smooth and even. I find that it has a bit more of a matte finish than Bare Minerals. Also, my foundation lasted me well through the day as well, even without primer!

The one downside to this foundation is more-so based on the foundation’s claims rather than the product. They claim that it is 4-in-1 (concealer, foundation, sunscreen, and powder). I don’t really think it does all of those things. I still use concealer, and I still apply a moisturizer with sunscreen. The powder aspect might be true, although I still use a little powder over it. The one thing that this foundation is good for is just that…as a foundation! And it works very well as one. Needless to say, I love this foundation and I am definitely a PurMinerals convert!

Tiffany U.
Good quality at an affordable price.

This foundation provided flawless coverage, and lasted a lot longer since none of the powder went to waste as it seems to do in loose form. I was a longtime BE user, and never thought I'd use another brand of mineral make-up until I tried this one.