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Soft Matte Lip Cream

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Monica D.
Great product for the price!

These are my favorite drugstore lippies! They stay on forever, have beautiful shades, and have excellent pigmentation. The only con for me is that they can be super drying. However, they are still an awesome product for the price.

Jemma grace M.
Milan is my go to!

Loved the color range at first site, and after trying a few matte lip cream/liquid lipsticks/stains, I found this one works well for me. Not too drying, and just the right amount of buildable color. Lost it, had to buy again. I now have 3 colors.

Yenifer R.
creamy, soft, delicate

did not dry up my lips at all, stayed on for my whole night out even after dinner , not even a touch up was neccesary and it came off with only one makeup wipe

Morgan H.
Love, but love even more after using this trick

I just bought this and really love the formula. Not drying at all, and dried down matte. But it definitely wasn't kiss-proof, because it never fully dried. BUT, I decided to try lightly setting the product AFTER it dried with elf's Hi-Def powder (a translucent loose powder.) Feels smooth, still not drying, and now kiss-proof! I know most people's complaints about the product is that it transfers, but after using the powder it doesn't! Just wanted to share this little trick!

Morgan H.
Love, but love even more after applying like this
Photo of product included with review by Morgan H.

I just bought this and I'm in LOVE with the color. Perfect nude for me. These dry down matte, but I found they never fully dry. Definitely not kiss-proof, let alone for eating/drinking. BUT, I decided to try setting it with elf's hi-def powder (a translucent powder). Completely kiss-proof! Even after the powder it still isn't drying at all!

Mallory C.
Definitely a fave!
Photo of product included with review by Mallory C.

I absolutely love these! Every time I see them while I'm shopping I have to pick up another color. They go on smooth and creamy, leaving a beautiful matte finish. Not drying on my lips at all like other matte lip products. I pair them all the time to create ombré effects (like in the picture I attached). They also smell really nice, lol! <3

Erica S.
Matte but not overly drying!

I've recently fallen in love with this product and I'm a little bit obsessed. It doesn't help that they're so cheap, so I have almost every color. I find them to be very comfortable on the lips and not that drying for a matte product. (They're not un-drying, of course, just not as drying as some other matte lip products I have tried.) They also last a fairly long time on the lips, which is great.

Kenna  S.
Absolutely adore!

This product is so incredible. It's a lip gloss that turns matte! Liquid to matte lip glosses are one of my favorite products. And these are perfection! They stay on all day and look like velvet! Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Aga H.
Photo of product included with review by Aga H.

This is probably one of my favorite lip products! I love matte products on my lips, I just can't stand the sticky feeling of layered lipsticks and glosses. This one is very lightweight and super pigmented. I got two colors Monte Carlo and Milan. Monte Carlo is my favorite red ever. The Soft Matte Creams apply veery easily, the aplicator is very precise and comfortable to use. Even though, the lipsticks are matte, I don't have problems with them drying my lips, which is always a bonus.

Jordyn D.

Every time I wear this, many people come up to me and ask about it. They can't believe that it is a drugstore brand lipstick! It looks and wears like a high end lipstick. Very easy to apply and stays on for the day. Definitely recommend Stockholm for a natural everyday lip color.