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Sure to stand out with this beautiful belt that will cost you around $40 before s/h. The fire engine red apron is attached to an adjustable black strap that can be worn across the body or around the waist. What I love about this brush belt is that it is incredibly easy to clean and sanitize with just a swipe of a barbicide wipe. The only thing I would recommend to individuals is do not invest in this brush belt if you aren't using long handled brushes because you will lose them inside the slots and that can become rather aggravating. Overall: I love this belt and I get a lot of compliments because of how hot it is.

Coveted Dusting brush

I've never seen anything like this: Amazing brush at an amazing value! One of my favoritest (yes, I said it) in my kit. I don't even use my ultra expensive powder brushes anymore. This brush just makes me smile with each use. On myself and on my clients.

Always in my hand

I don't leave home without this brush. I have invested in my MAC mu brush collection but I keep going back to the much cheaper ones. Fact is that this brush is ideal for use and can be replaced without hurting your wallet. Outstanding product placement and pretty sturdy.

Too Small for Concealer

But it is the perfect for smudging and filling in the eyebrows brush. I absolutely adore this little brush. I have about seven of them and I use them all of the time.


I use this for various makeup application techniques. Of course I use it for eye lining (tight lining especially). I also use it to define the eye brows by applying concealer to the brush. If they are stained I just get rid of them and buy more. They are only a dollar.


Okay so the money I spent was totally acceptable for what I got. Great if you are a beginner or even if you need a spare belt. I found that some of the slots and pockets are extremely too deep for some brushes that I own. The upside is that it is pretty sturdy and gives the industry standard professional black look.

Practice Eyelashes

I hated when I had to spend so much money to practice strip false eye lash application. e.l.f. has provided me with a much better opportunity. Although they aren't as glamourous they are practical. I use Lash Duo adhesive. One time I had to use these on a client and they were super thin. I made them thicker by layering three sets together. They looked like they were million dollar lashes. I'm just saying: THE POSSIBILITIES!

Kit Fave

More like a stiff eye shadow blending brush...irrevocably the most used brush in my hands. I also use it to pack on the color in the v-crease and smudging the lower lash line. My clients don't even know that it only cost me a few bucks because of the sleek black design and the excellent product delivery. AWE-some!


Big and loose. I can imagine what on earth I'd use this brush for! Thank goodness it only cost me to lose 1 dollar. e.l.f. should consider revamping this product to make it less likely to shed a million bristles all over my face and neck; because I could never use it on my clients. Not to mention the brush gives me the same tingle as a 30% lactic acid chemical peel. Disgustingly harsh.

$1 got me a kit favorite: Crease Brush! I stocked up on these brushes because you can not beat the delivery of product and multiple ways to use them. Surprisingly enough they haven't fallen apart or lost any bristles. To clean, disinfect and condition I use a drop of dawn dishwashing liquid, spray on some barbicide and a drop of extra virgin olive oil and 1 drop of lavender essential oil.

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