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great great great

I LOVE this stuff. I have been using it for years and it has done wonders for my hair. It helps repair split ends tremendously and adds shine. The price is very reasonable and one bottle last a long time. I always buy this product and probably never will stop. One of my favorites. :]

Great for repairing split ends

I started using this when i noticed that my split ends were getting a bit out of control. My hair looked better within a week and feels better with every use. It smells great, like any other Herbal Essences product, and the bottle last a long time. I have thick medium/long hair and just one pump does the trick.


This is definitely my favorite heat spray. I use it every time before blow drying, flat ironing, or curling. My hair is always left looking shiny and soft. It also helps repair split ends or dry hair because it REALLY locks in the moisture. Smells great too. :]

great product

I love this product! I always use it before applying any kind of heat to my hair. It's inexpensive and works just as it is supposed to. An added bonus is it's smell. Much better smelling then some other sprays I have tried. The spray will help keep moisture locked in your hair and after blow drying and flat ironing my hair it looks silky smooth and soft. Definitely worth a try!

Looks very natural

I love this bronzer. It looks so natural and is the perfect shade for my skin (I bought the SUN DANCE shade). The fact that it is a mineral powder is an added bonus. I use it all the time for an over all sun kissed look and contouring. I believe I bought it for about 5-7 dollars. The glow it gives to dull skin is addicting and it's really hard to over power yourself with it. A great blending formula gives the perfect result every time. I recommend this one hundred times over.

a great liner

I used to use this before I discovered my new liner pen. I love the felt tip! It makes applying it a snap. Also you can make your line as thin or thick as you want without a lot of hassle. The bottle lasted me for months and months so it's a great money saver also. I would not recommend winging it out though because it does have a tendency to smudge and travel when it's not directly on your eyelid. I recommend this product and will probably end up buying another bottle again. :]


I used this liquid liner a few times and each time I was not impressed. The 'precision' brush often clumped and never seemed to stay where I wanted it to. The liner itself became flaky not too long after application and I could just peel it off. I guess if you really have no money and you're in DESPERATE need of some liquid liner I would get this but the quality is less than satisfactory.

Grew my lashes drastically

I purchased this mascara on a whim and the promise of longer lashes in weeks drew me in. With this first use I could tell that it made my lashes appear longer already. After about a month or so I can definitely say my lashes have GROWN. This product worked wonders fr me. Now even without mascara my lashes are long and stand up all on their own. They followed through with the promise of longer lashes completely and I HIGHLY recommend this product. Two thumbs way up.

Great for length!

I used this mascara awhile back and it was the first one to give me such dramatic length with just one coat. On top of that it did not make my lashes clump together and kept them looking natural. There is no lies either when they say it's water proof either! I high;y recommend this if you are looking for some long beautiful lashes!

What I've always wanted

I use liquid liner practically everyday. I tend to make mistakes when using a brush but with this felted fine tip I get perfect results every time. I have tried other pen liners but after finishing one lid it would start to run dry. With this product I had constant flow. I recommend this product one hundred times over and will be sticking with it till (if) something better comes along.

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