Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Flatten Flat Iron Balm and Gloss Finish


Lauren  N.

This spray is amazing!! I bought it 3 weeks ago and have used it like 4-5 times and it works wonders for your hair!! It really protects it and it smells amazing!!

Jenni L.

omg i have been using this product for 2 years now. IT DOES ITS JOB PEREFECTLY..!!!!!!!! I have thick, curly hair. thid product makes my hair straight up to a week with no frizz problems or anything. my hair couldnt be any more smoother without it. ITS A MUST HAVE

Felica C.
used when I was younger...

I remember this being my first heat protecting product.. It smelt very good, did the job but I think it was a little pricey.. I havent come across it in a long time but I would repurchase

Abby M.

I love this product so so much! It makes my hair really shiny soft and makes it stay straight all day! It has a really nice hold and a sweet smell.

Arettlsar T.

I really like this. I just put it in my hair and it feels really good in my hair.got2b they really make the best stuff for my hair. I have the got2b glued blasting hair spray and that is really good for make my hair big. I honestly want to try everything they make.

Kally B.
10 out of 10 !

OHemgee . GIRLS . Buy this!! It smells soo good and protects your hair So well. I just love love love this . Personally i hate heat protecters that have an oily substance to it. Because it always weighs my hair down. But this one here is amazing one (:

Heidi R.

My new holy grail heat protectant! I love the shine it gives my hair! I honestly think thats why I fell in love with it! It doesn't have a strong scent, it doesn't weigh my hair down and it leaves my hair soft. Lets not forget its a decent price! I have a lot of thick hair and to tame it and to get it to look the way I want I use heat daily in my hair (I don't blow dry,though). I will definitely buy this again and again!

Lauren M.
My must have

My hair is very long and constantly blow drying, straightening, and curling is a big no no! This product is light and does not leave my strands greasy and makes my hair soft. I love it!!

Mandy J.

I do like this product. Very inexpensive. I like that it protects up to 425 degrees. It is worth a try if you have not tried this product. Will last a while.

Sierra Marie T.

I use this stuff every day! I use it before i blow dry and straighten my hair. It does what it says it does and it works great! Plus it smells really good. I'm really happy with this product!