Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Flatten Flat Iron Balm and Gloss Finish


Ruwani N.
This spray works wonders!

I was browsing around for a decently priced heat protector that could handle my naturally thick and wavy hair. The name, "Guardian Angel" convinced me to try this one.This spray bottle gives me an even distribution of the product. After flat ironing my twice-bleached jungle hair, the result is silky, straight hair that shines and feels as if I never abused it. I've only used it three times, and I'm already in love!! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who flat irons their hair.

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Lauren  N.

This spray is amazing!! I bought it 3 weeks ago and have used it like 4-5 times and it works wonders for your hair!! It really protects it and it smells amazing!!

Jenni L.

omg i have been using this product for 2 years now. IT DOES ITS JOB PEREFECTLY..!!!!!!!! I have thick, curly hair. thid product makes my hair straight up to a week with no frizz problems or anything. my hair couldnt be any more smoother without it. ITS A MUST HAVE

Abby M.

I love this product so so much! It makes my hair really shiny soft and makes it stay straight all day! It has a really nice hold and a sweet smell.

Arettlsar T.

I really like this. I just put it in my hair and it feels really good in my hair.got2b they really make the best stuff for my hair. I have the got2b glued blasting hair spray and that is really good for make my hair big. I honestly want to try everything they make.

Kally B.
10 out of 10 !

OHemgee . GIRLS . Buy this!! It smells soo good and protects your hair So well. I just love love love this . Personally i hate heat protecters that have an oily substance to it. Because it always weighs my hair down. But this one here is amazing one (:

Heidi R.

My new holy grail heat protectant! I love the shine it gives my hair! I honestly think thats why I fell in love with it! It doesn't have a strong scent, it doesn't weigh my hair down and it leaves my hair soft. Lets not forget its a decent price! I have a lot of thick hair and to tame it and to get it to look the way I want I use heat daily in my hair (I don't blow dry,though). I will definitely buy this again and again!

Lauren M.
My must have

My hair is very long and constantly blow drying, straightening, and curling is a big no no! This product is light and does not leave my strands greasy and makes my hair soft. I love it!!

Louise V.

I use this product before I flat or dry my hair. And it's good, and it works really well that you just spray it in wherever you like. It's very cheap too, and for the price it's a good product. It's really good if you flat irons your hair often <3

Sierra Marie T.

I use this stuff every day! I use it before i blow dry and straighten my hair. It does what it says it does and it works great! Plus it smells really good. I'm really happy with this product!