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can you say amazing!?

this is my first quad palette from sugarpill. i own lots of their loose shadows and pressed, but never got my hand on a palette till now. holy cow was this amazing! all of their shadows are just so amazingly pigmented. it's going to take me forever until i finish up these colors. you only need a little on your brush, and it fills up your entire eye. they aren't dry or chalky, and what i like most is that they aren't crazy shimmery. they have a tad of shimmer to it, but not over bearing on the eyes. i would definetly recommend any sugarpill products to anyone. even to people who are scared of colors!

Versatile for all skin types

all the viva glam lipsticks and glosses were made to be very versatile for all skin color. they come in all types of finishes and not to mention when you purchase one of the lipsticks or glosses, that entire profit goes towards their aids foundation. what better way to have an amazing lipstick and save a life! my favorite viva glam lipsticks are viva glam I, viva glam V, and the viva glam nicki right now. both glosses are amazing too! i also hear that viva glam nicki gloss is coming out very soon. keep an eye out for that all you nicki fans!

such a beautiful gel liner

i've always wanted to try these liners because i've seen so many different shades of colors, which is sometime hard to find. once i got my hands on them, i fell in love. the color is so pigmented, so creamy and smooth. i love the fact that they dry really matte! i didnt have a problem getting them on my eyes at all, because it was so creamy. i only own 3 of the colors, but i will get my hands on some more real soon!

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First off, i've tried every foundation from MAC and they are all awesome in their own way. i practically live off of their tinted moisturizer and MSF powder, but then this product came out, and i fell in love instantly! it's a medium to full coverage foundation which gives you a lot of room to make it a lighter coverage or build up to a fuller coverage. the formula is so smooth, and it just glided on my face. what i like about this foundation is that it doesnt set right away, which doesnt leave streaks on my face. i also dont have to rush trying to smooth out everything. another awesome thing about this foundation is that it doesnt have the colors like NC30 or NW20, the coloring on these are 1.0, 1.5...etc. this makes it easier to really find the right color for your skin. i currently use the 2.0. this color allows anyone using the colors NC25, NW25, NC30, NW30 to use the same formula. overall, i absolutely love love love this foundation.

this isnt the best product in the world but i do really like it. i like that it gives a nice texture to my lids, so that the shadow has something to grab to. i feel like it does brighten my shadows a lot because its a white base. overall i wouldnt use this product all the time but for the price of it, its a very good product.

i've heard of really good things about these polishes but never purchased any till yesterday. i was so blown away at how many different colors there were to choose from. i think it took me atleast 10 min before i decided on a few colors. i was so eager to try them on!

i tried on the first coat, and it had an awesome color pay off. the color was so creamy and vibrant. after the second coat they were perfect! the color i have on had such a beautiful milky creamy look to it. i dont own any polish that looked like it. i think i just fell in love with essie! they are also so affordable, which is never a bad thing in my book! :)

one of my fave sets of lashes from MAC. these lashes really give you that awesome babydoll look to your eyes. it really makes your eyes pop and gives great length to your lashes.

fave foundation brush!

hands down this is the ultimate foundation brush! its nice and firm and allows you to really buff and blend in your foundation. i love love love this brush. when i first used it, i was so amazed of how it allows you to really blend your liquid foundation in. i only use this brush when i apply foundation on customers at work and their face is always flawless. if you havent gotten your hands on this brush yet go try it! it's a really nice brush to apply cream blushes onto the apples of your cheeks. ah! i just cant get over how much i love this brush<3

such an awesome mositurizer! i have very dry to combination skin, and there are times that i get little dry patches here and there. i put this bad boy on my face and it instantly mositurizes my face. its a very thick cream, but when you apply it to your face, it's not heavy on your face. i use this everyday before doing my face makeup and it gives my face a very moisturized and healthy look to it.


some of the girls and i at work like to use this concealer as a foundation...weird? i know lol but it really is amazing. a little goes a long way when it comes to this product, but if you get a little and buff all throughout your face, it works wonder. it covers up all your freckles and imperfections. it also gives you a nice flawless finish when you top it with a nice light powder on top. try it out! :)

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