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Sugarpill Cosmetics

4-Color Palette


Lacey A.
very pigmented! and absolute fav!
Lacey A.'s Review Image

i LOVE these eyeshadows! ive been looking soooo for a red, orange , & yellow that would show up on my skin & i finally found it! its very pigmented and doesn't stain your skin. I would recommend this product to everybody. i also tried using the orange color as a blush , it was super pretty! You WiLL NOT regret buying this product. :)

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Travelon M.
Exceeded my expectations!!!
Travelon M.'s Review Image

When I decided to purchase this pallet it was because I wanted to try more colorful matte colors. I was not expecting much and thought I would have to use NYX underneath it to see the colors well. Boy was I blown away once I tried it! I don't know where to start, there are so many amazing points!!!! For beginners, this shadow is soooo pigmented and very creamy for them to be matte shadows. I've never seen this kind of quality in a bright matte shadow before. The consistency is excellent. The shadow is not patchy at all. These shadows go on so evenly and are quite opaque. As I was applying the shadows I was surprised that it was not necessary to pack the color onto my lid in order for the color to show up well. There was no fallout either. Even thought they are matte they basically go on more like a satin finish. Their not chalky at all. There are absolutely no cons to this product and I would repurchase this in a heartbeat! I am looking forward to purchasing the other pallets.

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Erin M.
Erin M.'s Review Image

Yes, it was necessary for that to be in all caps. I love this palette so much. It's so pigmented and the colors are true colors. The red isn't a brown red, purple based red, no, it's red. It's an actual beautiful bright red. The yellow, orange, and purple are no different. All the colors back a serious punch and that can't be denied.

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Ty S.
Loved The Colors

I wasn't sure if the colors would show up on my complexion but i've heard awesome things about sugarpill so I decided to give it a chance and I'm so glad i did! The Colors blended very well, so vibrant and last all night!!!

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Tiffany P.
Very soft texture

Because the texture of the shadow in the palette is soft, you have to make sure not to apply too much on your brush or you will make a mess like I did! The colors are very pigmented and showed up great on my dark skin. I used all 4 of the colors in the palette to create my look. What I liked is that the colors, separately, are very "wearable" if you don't want the super creative eye makeup look that is so popular now. The shadows were very easy to blend and I also liked the lashes, which made my eyes look so much bigger. They (lashes) were lightweight and didn't feel like my lids were weighed down like with other brands.

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Yumemi S.
Vivid Shocking Colours!
Yumemi S.'s Review Image

The "Burning Heart" palette reminds me of the sunset. Flamepoint: Matte Orange Buttercupcake: Matte Yellow Love +: Matte Red with a tiny hint of Glitter Poison Plum: Matte Purple with a tiny hint of Glitter For these amazingly pigmented colours, you won't need to build up the colours as much as other eye shadows to get the vivid colour. The colours you see on the palette is what you will get. The colour pay off is excellent and I highly recommend this palette to anyone who loves bright colours like myself! The shadows are also long lasting with an eye primer base <3

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Joice P.
Amazing Pigment

The burning heart pallet and a jar of Asylum was first purchase from SPC. I was so overjoyed to finally find a super pigmented shadow that lasted all day, even without primer. I've yet to apply the shades wet, but if they're this awesome dry, I can only imagine they will be even greater wet.

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Jen P.

This was my first Sugarpill purchase and it definitely will not be my last! The shadows blend and apply so nicely and a little bit goes a very long way. I absolutely love this palette and I've used it nearly every day since I received it. :)

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Rachel P.
Excellent Colors

The Sugarpill palette in Heart Breaker is really an excellent overall product. The selected colors make a very well-chosen set - any two or three of the shades pair together beautifully (or all four if you're going all out!), at the same time that each color can stand on its own. I've been playing with this palette pretty much every day since I picked it up. The colors are smooth and buttery, and blend together with other shadows absolutely seamlessly. I have a LOT of eyeshadow and this one blows everything else out of the water in terms of blendability.

I will say that the pigmentation was not what I was expecting after using some of their loose shadows, which are absolutely packed with dense color. I have incredibly pale skin, but even after trying several different types of primer, I have had to work to build color up to the same intensity I see in other people's photographs. I'm still giving this palette five stars because that actually works in my favor - I have been enjoying twisting a little bit of Velocity and 2AM into a work-safe eye, which I could not do if the colors weren't able to apply a little bit sheerly. I honestly thought I was doing something wrong during application until I read some of the other reviews on here, and saw that other people have noticed the same sheerness in the pigmentation. Anyway, if anything, this has actually increased the range of use I get out of this palette, so I don't count it as a negative at all. Just be warned that to get completely opaque, vivid color, you will need to dip your brush a few times.

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Michty M.

I don't know how I lived before these Sugarpill palettes! All the shadows are amazingly bright with awesome payoff. I use them as much as I can and delight every time I do. The colours blend well, expecially for mattes, and have great staying powder. The bright colours really get your creative juices flowing and the range of shades lets you do so many different looks.

Note: Dollipop (pink from Sweetheart) does stain your lids if you don't use a base. A white cream base or eyeliner completely removes this problem and NYX Jumbo eye pencils help a lot. I personally don't mind and the colour staining isn't very strong anyway.

Such an AWESOME palette!!!

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