Studio Moisture Cream


Meaghan M.
The primer before the primer ! Must have !

Believe me, I'll spend a fortune on all things beauty, but paying anything over $40 makes me cringe. In the past, I swore by Dr. Wexler & Clarins....but MAC Studio Moisture Cream has COMPLETELY won me over !!! Only $15 for a decently sized jar, and does what it promises. I've used mine everyday since I bought it in March & still have a few uses left. A little goes a long way, and it instantly calms down your face...& is like a drink of water for your skin ! My face just doesn't feel 'complete' unless I've put this on in the morning. Refreshes & deeply moisturizes your skin without making it super oily or clogging your pores. I have combination skin ( super oily t-zone with dry patches) and am sensitive to breakouts, but this is one of the only creams I've found that moisturizes my face yet doesn't break it out OR make you look like you smothered lip gloss all over your face. Fills in fine lines and makes skin super soft as it promises...I like to think of it as the primer before the primer :) Among top 5 products I can't live without !

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Samantha V.
First Things First.

This moisturizer is amazing, and saves me from dry skin through the winters cold. without this my face appears like it is extremely dehydrated. It is definitely a must in my morning makeup routine. good thing is, you don't need too much to hydrate your face and its a big supply. MUST HAVE!

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Claudia C.

I love this cream.. My skin is so dry I get dry patchs on my forehead cheeks and noes I couldnt stand it my make up would never come out right because of the peeling. So since I shoped at mac I asked about their skin care products.they gave me this and my skin has improved dramatically I could never go with out for the fear of getting those dry patchs again

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Naomi M.
First Apply

I love LOVE it. I have super dry skin and I have tried all kinds of products to get a good feel. This one is the one for me. I love how smooth my face feels when I touch it. I should have bought this sooner. MUST HAVE.

Thorunn Sif T.
I can't live without it.

I decided to try this one out last summer when in Boston, I bought the small tube and instantly fell in love. Now I use it everyday and also on clients, I've been asking my relatives to buy it for me when they go out of the country because it's so expensive here in Iceland. I love the feeling that my skin is completely hydrated and perfect without feeling oily and "unclean" and this does that perfectly! :) I recommend this product to everyone with skin from normal to dry.

Megan N.

such an awesome mositurizer! i have very dry to combination skin, and there are times that i get little dry patches here and there. i put this bad boy on my face and it instantly mositurizes my face. its a very thick cream, but when you apply it to your face, it's not heavy on your face. i use this everyday before doing my face makeup and it gives my face a very moisturized and healthy look to it.

Krystal C.
LOVE This! Smooth, hydrating, long lasting - NON GREASY!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

I purchased this cream two summers ago because my face was feeling dried out from all the sun exposure it was getting. I had always used baby lotions on my face because of my sensitive skin, but it was no longer doing it for me. So on my venture for a new moisturizer, and among the different products I've tried, I have kept MAC Studio Moisture Cream in my routine ever since I bought it.

Emily F.

I've had this for a week or so and I love it! I had to replace my MAC moisturelush cream and I could not find that product on their website so I decided to get this instead and it is wonderful! I'd say it is the same as the moisturelush, I get wonderful results and you can notice the difference if you are to lazy to put on cream at night.

Alexandra J.
Great for winter months

I used this moisturizer last winter and it saved my skin. My skin felt soft and hydrated without feeling oily. It doesn't feel heavy either. I actually used it a few times in the summer. I went to Vegas and it's so dry out there, it really helped my skin. I also feel like it helped when I applied my makeup. It was a smoother application.

Itesha M.

I bought this about three months ago and I'm just now at the end of it. I like this moisturizer alot. It keeps my skin hydrated and it did not break me out at all. The consistency is thick and creamy and it feels really luxurious on my face. It's worth the price and I would purchase this again.