Mary E.

Location: Ohio

lather, rinse, repeat

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About Me

I'm all about education: for myself and my clients. I never skimp on the hows and whys of what I am doing for a client in my chair. Salon professional since age 19. I own a studio in my downtown's Arts District that is a mashup of barber/beauty. I recommend Kevin Murphy products and use Keune color. Not only are they fantastic lines, but they are committed to family-owned/small businesses and that is important to a small business professional like me. Ask me anything! A consultation is always best in person but we can get to the bottom of your beauty question here, too.

Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Light
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: November 10
Age: 50


How long have you been in the beauty industry?
Since Sept. 1990. 22 years!