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Nov 24, 2012

Liza G.

Looks like we share the same birthday :-)  

Oct 18, 2012

Amy M.

Hi Lindsay! I am a new stylist , and I am planning to do Ombre on someones hair. Her hair is colored a level 3.. any suggestions?? I have an idea of how to do , but what do you think works best?? 

Oct 9, 2012

Lindsey S.

Mary, I am just getting to see this! Thank you so much for your responses :)
I am just starting out being on my own! I have usually worked under someone & now I am out in it by myself, so far I love it!! But I need someone I could ask a question or two about color? I have a couple actually.. Think you could help?

Thanks again! You are a great educator! Hopefully one day I can be too! 

Oct 7, 2012

Mary E.

Hey Lindsey! I don't know if you ever went back to check on your "drugstore" rant repsonses, but I hear you! I had to update, I feel so strongly that you are feeling so strongly about this issue ;).

I have never recommended a drug store brand, but if a client asks, I will inform her as to why it will probably be ok but she should realize that the ingredient list order is what matters most. There may be a lower concentration of the same ingredient in that product but I have the higher-end version of it, at a price. Along with the fact that some people can handle "cones" in their hair, some can't...protein is not good for everyone's hair, etc. I cannot "recommend" what she wants to try but I can let her know that it might be an ok bet. I know not everyone budgets correctly for hair care: they splurge on the color but don't add in the extra $$ for the at-home care. So if they want to know, I tell them hell no to Herbal Essences and be wary about all others. LOL.

And like I told you on the response, I never fix for free any haircolor fading or damage unless the client is following my regime. Which means I never do it ;) since my regime keeps hair immaculate between visits. Clients only return due to regrowth, never fading with my products. And being an independent salon, my prices including retail are exactly the same as most large salons NOT including retail. That's the benefit of owning your own shop; you can be client-focused, not simply sales focused. I love it. But anyway......
You know how hard it is to get clients to understand sometimes: our salon has been touting sulfate-free, not shampooing every day, dry shampoos and "low-poo" regimes for years and just now are the masses accepting it. That's what makes our job tough: getting our clients to be the first to try something! Remember that most of your clients are not as beauty-brave as you are! They want to be sure it will work and keep them looking beautiful.
Some stylists are so afraid to educate and feel like they are only "selling" that they shy away from it. I always come from a place of informing and educating and letting the client make her decision. And good for you for doing the same! 

Lindsey S.

Location: Wise, va

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