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Lip Lacquer

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Amanda E.
Great but sticky

I love this color! It is a great, carefree, glossy nude. My only complaints are 1. You have to use a brush and 2. It is very sticky. The formula does help it last but if you don't like sticky, you won't like this. Beautiful color, but not sure if it's worth the price! Wouldn't repurchase.

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Brittany R.
Love to keep in my purse

This is something that is in my purse at all times just in case I need to touch up on my lips. I have the shade "chelsea girls" & its a perfect nudey pink that looks good with any look. it is thick but the perfect amount of thick-ness if that makes since? lol I just hate having to use my fingers but ehh whatevs :)

Azarette D.
super yummy feeling

smooth yet thick, longwearing as wel.l my fav is galactica!! i cant tell you how many chelsea girls i sell! use your finger or a brush. and the jars are great once youve used up all your lacquer, clean your jar out and use them to put your NARS foundation or NARS skincare to travel.

Aida  R.

Love Nars Chelsea Girls! Goes on nicely, looks great! It's a nude like Pink, looks great on almost any skin tone. Just make sure you have tissue if you're not near a sink so you can clean your finger after you apply, that's the only downfall.

Juliet M.

I love my lip laquer in the shade Baby Doll. I was very afraid of purchasing this because of the price but I love the formula and it is so soft. I will definitely be re-purchasing.

Naomi D.
Only con is the smell...
Naomi D.'s Review Image

I received Hot Wire from a friend for my birthday, and I wasn't too sure if I'd like it on, but I LOVE it. Sometimes I wear it alone, and other times I wear it over a hot pink lip to give it some deep color and shine. I love the blue undertones as well! I do not, however, like the smell, but it's not a deal breaker.

Ariane C.

I generally hate nudes on myself, but this one was quite nice. It's not too pale to make you look dead, while offering a pink undertone. It looks good with any gloss throw on it. The lasting power is pretty good and the consistency is quick thick. It covers pretty opaquely, you really don't need much. I really hate the scent on these though. When I have it on, it's all I can smell and taste and it's unpleasant. When it expires the scent gets even more nasty, which I guess is just more incentive to stop using an expired product, but you never get to the end because there is so much product in the pot. I'd like it better if the scent was changed or eliminated.