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Good, but doesnt settle on face well

I brought this once before, the good stuff about it is that it gives a pretty good coverage, easy to apply, a small amount covers alot so it will LAST U FOR A VERY LONG TIME, & when i used 2 use it under my eyes, i didnt need to use concealer after. also, the color range is amazing. the bad stuff about it is that it doesnt really settle on my face, when i look closely in the mirror i can see it just sitting there. like u could tell that there is a layer of something.

Gr8, but dry out FAST

It really does "leaves lashes ultra thick, long, and curled", but it's ridiculously expensive & it dries out very fast. you can achieve the same look by using a combination of different drug store's mascara

nice colors

I love the color range, I love the texture, but they dont really last that long :D The price is amazing, you dont have to go spend a bundle on MAC or others. these are great

nice coverage

Love the coverage, love the fact that it doesn't show under ur eyes. Plus, it has an excellent color range It also stays on for a very long time llooovvvee iiittttt

Nice colors, stays on

It almost does what it says, but it stays for around a week, not 10 days :) I love the colors, sophisticated I think. they are ok for their price


It gives lovely curvy lengthy lashes. hehehe well, I always use this mascara with the Colossal Volume from Maybeline. I use the sexy curves 1st to lengthen & separates the lashes, give it a couple of seconds to very lightly dry on my lashes, then I apply the Colossal. Viola, GORGEOUS. I do put 5 coats though :D

Yep, Hydrating

It feels so soft & hydrating. I use it day & night. It takes some time for your eyes to absorb it. so the best advice is to apply it & give it some time (about 15 min.) before applying any eye make up

Very moisturizing

I love this lotion. It's very moisturizing, yet it feels very light on my fave. I have a combination skin, & most creams/lotions feel heavy in my face. the instant i put any on, my face starts sweating & melting :( but with this lotion, I haven't faced that problem. to be honest thought, I still haven't used it the summer times :)

I cant live without it

Seriously, this is a must, amazing, BEAUTIFUL. The glow it gives to my face is so sexy, u can apply it light handedly for a subtle effect, or add more for a kardashian glow ;)

This is a good blush. the different color combos really compliment my skin tone. it has a lovely shimmer to it, but sometimes it could look alot in bright sunlight. I love using highlighters & when I do with this blush, IT LOOKS ALOT. at least that's how i c it :) Dont like the brush though

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