Bobbi Brown

Hydrating Eye Cream


Alicia H.
Ophthalmologist tested, Alicia P. trusted.

The first signs of aging are around the eyes and the hands. However, with how sensitive my eyes are, every time I try a new eye cream, I end up pulling at the skin more and more to wipe away the tears that form from how irritating they are. It can get so bad that the tiniest particle stuck under my contacts can cost me a trip to my own Ophthalmologist which is why I gave this eye cream a shot.

Immediately I felt a cooling effect and it was absorbed quickly into my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Zero irritation and I noticed any puffiness from my poor sleeping habits was not as bad as it normally is.

It baffles me that if toothpaste is tested and approved by dental hygienists why every eye cream on the market wouldn't go through ophthalmologist testing.

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Carmella P.
greasy creasy

I am trying out the BB under eye corrector and creamy concealer kit. The girl at the counter tried to include this product in my purchase but I wasn't interested. She recommended I try it anyway and gave me a sample of this in which she claims is a one month supply. The suggested usage is to apply this before the concealers, not only is it an eye cream but it is a primer too. The consistency is rich but light. Very hydrating indeed, but they should not market it as a base because it causes creasing. This would probably do well as a night time thing--not under makeup.

Elaine C.
Light, less creasing and moisturizing

Got this as a tiny sample at first and it lasted a good 3-4 months. Just dab a finger lightly into it.. Very little product goes a long way! Thought it worked well so I bought a full jar!

Theresa G.
Light weight eye hydrating cream.
Photo of product included with review by Theresa G.

This light hydrating cream for under the eyes is a really good product. The cream also leaves a cooling affect. Which is great for puffy eyes. Even if you don't have dark circles or puffy eyes it is good to start treatment now.

Huda A.
Yep, Hydrating

It feels so soft & hydrating. I use it day & night. It takes some time for your eyes to absorb it. so the best advice is to apply it & give it some time (about 15 min.) before applying any eye make up