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Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


Huda A.
Good, but doesnt settle on face well

I brought this once before, the good stuff about it is that it gives a pretty good coverage, easy to apply, a small amount covers alot so it will LAST U FOR A VERY LONG TIME, & when i used 2 use it under my eyes, i didnt need to use concealer after. also, the color range is amazing. the bad stuff about it is that it doesnt really settle on my face, when i look closely in the mirror i can see it just sitting there. like u could tell that there is a layer of something.

Ashley B.
anything but a dream

PROS: If you have a really bad break out and need a quick cover up, this will do the job. The color matches really well with my skin. It doesn't have a scent, which is hard to find in a foundation. It works as a great consealer with people who have really dark circles.The price is nice, and you can find this product just about anywhere.

CONS: If you use even a little bit too much of this product, it will look like you can scoop your makeup off with a spoon. It is very very thick and cakey. It feels really smooth when you first start to apply it, but it ends up really streaky and heavy. I won't be buying this product again, which is sad because I usually love Maybelline.