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Moon Beam

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Vanessa M.

I like moon beam a lot! It's a great highlighter because its not sparkly but it genuinely has a glow to it, which is what I like. I put it under my's tough to put it on top because it would probably remove the foundation a bit but it's gorgeous underneath!

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Eliza H.
Quality & Quantity

I love Moon Beam. Perfect amount of shimmer and look beautiful alone to brighten the face. You get alot of product for your money, i use this regularly. Im on my first bottle and dont see myself buying a new one anytime soon.

Kate B.
Great for everyday use

I love moon beam because it gives a nice highlight that's not too sparkly. It has a nice champagne hue and despite being liquid, blends well with my mineral makeup.

Alison G.
Best multi-use product purchase!

This product works it's best at multi-tasking! You can use this product as a "primer" on your eyelids if you are going to be using colorful, shimmery shadows. You apply this by tapping some product to your lids then dabbing it to blend it all over. Make sure it's still wet so when you apply the shadow, the color will stick onto it and blend within it making the color more vibrant and popping! Another way to use this with the same method is on your cheeks! It's best during the summer because it gives you summer glow especially when you apply a coral blush! And of course you can use this product by itself on your lids or a highlight!

Product itself is very easy to apply with. The applicator is great because you can get the right amount you want without worrying about wasting the product! It lasts for a long time, unless you live in a Summer 24/7 weather climate area!

Jani M.
Not for me.

I really enjoy using Benefit's High Beam, but I also thought that it gave me an unnatural looking glow. I assumed it was because of my yellow undertone, so I decided to give Moon Beam a shot. I went to a Benefit counter at a Macy's and swatched it. For some reason, it looked a bit pink. I blamed it on the tester, but then I went to Sephora and found the same problem. I just did not like the look it gave me, and I was glad that I didn't buy it because I know I would have returned it in a heartbeat.

Angel F.
perfect glowing skin for any skincolor

This works perfectly when you mix it with foundation to give that dewy glowy look without making you look oily/shiny. It also highlights the different areas of your face and body perfectly. Staying power is good although its best to set it with shimmery powder to make it stay put the whole day.

Tara K.
my perfect GLOW!

I was going to buy the high beam instead but one of my makeup artist pals suggested moon beam would be better for my skin tone. Boy, is it EVER! I must say it gives the most beautiful subtle glow. I don't have to use much so that outweighs the fact it does cost quite a bit. I just dab a little on my brow bones, on my cheeks and cupids bow and my complexion is flawless!

Jacki C.
Creating a dewy finish never was this easy!

I bought Benefit Moon Beam last summer because the Makeup Artist at Benefit convinced me that Moon Beam would work much better with my skin tone than their other similar produce: High Beam. At the time however, I wasn't convinced. It stayed in my makeup drawer until about 7 months ago when I pulled it out and began using it on my good friend who has a problem with very dark under eye circles. I figured, 'what the heck, I don't use this and who knows it might work'. I mixed the Moon Beam with her concealer and proceeded to conceal her eyes as I usually would and LOVED the results. --This is just one use I have found. Moving on: my main use of this product for the past 3 months is doing some MAJOR highlighting of my face. After I apply my foundation and concealer I dab the Moon Beam in 5 places: forehead, cheek bones, bridge of nose, cupids bow, and right under my bottom lip. I then blend the product out with my index finger and powder my face as usual. I have found that by doing this my skin appears as though it is glowing from within as opposed to have an obviously highlight on my cheek bones.

Pros: a little bit goes a long with with this product, long lasting, creates a dewy finish, very subtle Cons: pricey

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Kristen L.

This is my favorite highlighter that I have used so far, it leaves my fave looking like its naturally glowing, it's a little on the expensive side but if you apply it in small amounts it still does the job and lasts a while!

Taylor K.

This product is great for lighting up your face, it gives a radiant glow. Could be used for natural looks or even for night outs. Enhances complexion well. A bit expensive, though - but it is worth it.