Beauty Product Reviews

Works Well

Just your average hair dye, leaves a deep nice rich color in your hair. Nothing special though . I wish it didnt fade so fast!! I would buy this again (:


This is one of those products that i absolutely dont regret buying. I usually go for the more expensive stuff because my hair is mixed and needs good product. But when i got this..Oh sweet jesus. It smelt like heaven. Not only that but it has this gentle look but STRONG hold . It doesnt make your hair look like it has hair spray in it which is amazing. I love this. <3


Ohemgee.. This flat iron was the death of my hair! I had purchased it for a lil over $100 at a beauty salon. I heard nothing but fabulous reviews about it so i had to try it for myself. I have pretty normal strong healthy hair. But when i used this iron. It completely burnt my hair!!! It DOES NOT have a heat seletion you just use it at whatever heat its programmed to. My hair smelt horrible and burnt..i just hated it. I ended up returning it and getting my money back the next day.. Then got myself a better flat iron from sallys :) . Problem Solved!!

Nice Coverage

This was the first foam dye i had ever used.. I was skeptical about it because i didnt think that it would color every bit of my hair fully , but it did! I was very surprised. This product is very effective and inexpensive. I like it !

The Death Of Me

I got this at a beauty salon ..and let me tell you after like 2 months of this it like made the most dreadful loud noise!! It just completely stopped and wouldnt turn back on.. i googled what was wrong with it and it turns out the back of it needs to be cleaned often because it can get clogged with this weird..dust lookin stuff. Anyway. HELL no i would never purchase this again.

10 out of 10 !

OHemgee . GIRLS . Buy this!! It smells soo good and protects your hair So well. I just love love love this . Personally i hate heat protecters that have an oily substance to it. Because it always weighs my hair down. But this one here is amazing one (:

Listen Up! I have good news!

Im sorry but im not a millionaire ! I recently went to Sallys Beauty Supply to find a deep conditioning masqe for my hair because i had just bleached the underneath of my bangs. I came across "Macadamia Deep Conditioning Hair Mask " it was $13 but let me tell you it was not only the best purchase i have ever made but it COMPLETELY transformed my hair! Shiny, strong, smooth, not a frizz in sight. I used it over night.. ladies no lie Forget this expensive stuff and go try this out at Sallys it will not let you down!

Brilliant !

I used this when i went to Florida for a modeling comp and it was the best hairspray i have ever smelling wonderful adds to its perfection . I just love it. It holds my hair really well and lasts for hours ! (:

Looking for a Nude Tint ?

Peach Kiss is perfect . I dont think its the same as the one thats in the regular chapstick tube but it is Babylips (: It has a nude color with a nice shimmer to it! If you are like me and dont perfer too much color on my lips then you will love this. Its very moisturizing also . I love it , try it out! (:

Beyond Amazing

This has a very unique smell. It definitely doesnt smell like any other perfume ive ever purchased. It reminds me of rihanna herself!! It has deep sexy sweet sent to it. I just cant get enough!!! I absolutely cannot wait to try her new ones! Oh and lasts ALL DAY LONG!

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