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Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray


Kally B.

This is one of those products that i absolutely dont regret buying. I usually go for the more expensive stuff because my hair is mixed and needs good product. But when i got this..Oh sweet jesus. It smelt like heaven. Not only that but it has this gentle look but STRONG hold . It doesnt make your hair look like it has hair spray in it which is amazing. I love this. <3

Heidi R.
love it

so I ve been using this for a week now and I must say Im impressed. I love that it does hold but it doesn't leave my hair all stiff and and it doesn't flake!

Gabrielle M.

I swear by this hairspray! It's the only one that doesn't give me that "helmet of hairspray" look. It keeps my curls in place and still keeps them soft to the touch. I can't stand that crunchy feeling. Plus it smells great!

Amy K.
The only hairspray I use.

This is the best hairspray for me. It's the only kind I use anymore! I don't know how it's possible, but it keeps my thick, heavy, curly/wavy hair in place all day long and I've never had it get crunchy or frizzy. The price can't be beat as well. I'll keep using this forever!

Rachelle R.

I like this. I am a recovering hairspray addict. Now that my hair is a lot shorter, I only have so much hair to spray so I am learning more about "movable and lightweight" hairspray. This stuff smells good. The spray applicator is nice and easy to control. This product is definitely a finishing spray, so don't confuse it with a holding spray. I could see it being used to apply in your hair before a light teasing, or when you are trying to do an updo without looking like a rat's nest is on top of your head. (joke) I think it's worth trying, it's like $2-$3, if that. Enjoy!