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Sep 14, 2012

Tiffany M.

Hi Julianna I loved your profile!I am also a cosmetologist and was wondering if I can get your opinion on straightening irons.I need to purchase one for keratin blowouts and such and wanted to know which one I should purchase?Greatly appreciated,Thank you

Feb 18, 2012

Kenzi S.

I love your about me :L The front butt thing made me laugh xD

Dec 03, 2012

Julianna S.

i do what I can

HI Julianna! I just wanted to drop by and welcome you to Beautylish! Your work is fantastic :) 

Dec 08, 2011

Julianna S.

thanks friend!

Welcome to BL
Hope you like it as much as I do :)

Dec 06, 2011

Simera H.

Hi doll Welcome to Beautylish

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Julianna S.

Location: Bloomington, IL


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About Me

yo. I'm Julianna! I'm a licensed cosmetologist from southern illinois and I've transplanted to central Illinois a little over a year ago.. I'm just trying to build up my clientele and knowledge. My job is my heart and soul, my passion. I love what I do every single day and it never gets old. I'm loud,blunt, honest to a fault, opinionated, sincere, and too nice at times. I have a story for every thing. :) I also have a few tattoos of shears,a boom box,headphones, and classic sailor jerry on my left calf that says tutu. Most of my photos will be of my work in the salon and things I love or inspire me.I love music as well. Music is what makes the world go round.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Dry, Combination
Hair Color: Red
Hair Texture: Dry, Fine
Birthday: October 21
Age: 39



Are you really 33?
Yes, I am really 33. This is weird, but people never think I'm my age. I preserve well ANNNNND I'm fat. No wrinkles! woo!

Are your tattoos real and/or do they hurt?
Presently or....? Yes, every thing about me is real. even my front butt.

How long did it take to grow your front butt?
33 years. its a dying art really.