Marc Jacobs

Lola Marc Jacobs


Stephanie S.
My Birthday

My mother bought me this perfume for my birthday. Me and my mom have very different taste in perfumes, but this was jack pot! The scent is super strong and it lasts all day. I have gotten plenty of compliments. It's almost my birthday again and the bottle is half ways! LOVE IT!

Arait M.

my mom got this as a mother's day gift - so of course I had to try it... It smells great but it is a bit overwhelming when you first spray it. After awhile i simmers down and you can really appreciate it. My mom has horrible sinuses and perfumes don't help, and she wears this with ease.

Christina H.
Great scent- fades quickly

I love this scent- it's really one of my very favorites. The floral scent is not too strong and comes off very sexy when on. Sadly-- the scent fades really quickly. It's great when you first put it on, may even last for a couple of hours, but I've never made it to the end of the day and still been able to smell it.

gee m.

I am a big fan of the marc Jacob Daisy perfume so when LOLA came out I was very curious to try this fragrance out and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. It smells nothing like the daisy but I still like the fragrance. It is a very sexy fragrance that is great for night time but I wear it whenever I feel like feeling sexy.

TheBluSuga R.

This is my number 1 feel sexy perfume. Lola, some beach curls and 5" inch stilettos are all that I need in my life. This is just a great scent.

Shade M.
Great Romantic Scent

This perfume is truly romantic! It's not too strong and not a like scent, it smells amazingly good and the bottle is definitely a keeper. A great buy for the spring and summer nights :)

Delaney B.

I love the packing of this perfume! I thought it was a bit too strong for me to wear all the time, so I pull it out only for special occasions. I did end up liking Daisy better, but this is an ok perfume too. It's a little bit too much and can sometimes give me a head ache.

Natasha R.

My mom gave me this last Christmas and I love it! I try switching up scents every so often but for some reason this is always my go to! It reminds my sister and I of some we used to have when we were like 7. It was a small bottle with a Palm Tree on it! I think I like the scent because it reminds me so much of that one however, it is not too strong and smells amazing!

Jaimie C.
my go to for romantic nights

I thought I couldn't love anything more than Daisy by Marc Jacobs, then I found this. I only have the small version that came along with Daisy but I've already figured out exactly when to use it. It is definitely not an everyday scent and definitely not a year round scent so I don't recommend buying the big version of this because a little goes a long way with this product!

Daisy May F.
Love it :) The Perfect Sexy Night Time Scent

I have lots of the Daisy perfumes, the toilette, parfum, eau so fresh and the necklace. So, I asked for this one instead when my Mum wanted to buy me a present (she's so sweet!) and I absolutley love it. Its kind of like a perfume oil in that it doesn't smell like alcohol at all like some do, I also felt like it moisturised my skin as my neck and wrists felt silky smooth after spraying it on. I also got the perfume ring and oh my gosh it is stunning, the perfect addition to any outfit.