Beauty Product Reviews

I just tried this foundation and I love it ! super smooth,makes my skin feel soft and moisturized. I really like how light it felt but gave me good coverage too.

I absolutely love my palette and its well worth the money however, the pink stains bad. I even use a sticky nyx shadow base and it still stains. I even layer on foundation prior. the only other down fall is the shadows flake off and crease pretty badly on my lids with in a few hours. Keep in mind I have an oily t-zone and hooded eyes. My situation may differ from others so don't be discouraged, otherwise its an amazing product. I fully intend on ordering more in the future!!

I love joico in general but I love their k-pak line and this oil is great! its not too heavy and really helps repair damaged ends for sure. Plus, it only takes a few drops and you're golden.

This is my every day hairspray and one I recommend to every one. HOWEVER, it doesn't work well for updos as much as say helmet head by chi. Its a strong hold no less and doesn;t leave my hair cripsy or weighed down, just takes a bit to build up for certain desired looks.

I only use pravana and pravana color line PERIOD. Their vivids made me fall in love a few years ago when I did red and magenta across my hairline. Vibrant, versatile, and fun to work with! my clients always love their results!

I like how smooth and flawless my skin looks but its my back up when I am super broke. I can not use it before I put on ANY eye make up and it can not be used as a touch up before setting with powder. It dries super fast and can leave darkish/clumpy spots. I've used better.

I was hesitant to try a non professional liner brand but I took my chance. I really love how it stays on all day and doesn't look shiny or flake off like their liquid waterproof liner. However, the brush gets clumpy fast and I have to clean it off every time and some times in between applying for each eye. fun fact: I left my make up box in my car one day and the liner got kind of melty and it was like a fresh pot all over again. Made for a fun application :)