Bedhead by TIGI

Ego Boost Split End Mender & Leave-In Conditioner


Eunice Q.

I was recommended this for a long time, and I finally decided to try it out. I usually love all BedHead products, but not this one. I don't like the consistency of this because it is too watery, and when I rub it in my hands it almost feels "soapy." It really makes my hair feel very crunchy; not what I had in mind. I've used it on both dry, and wet hair but I just don't like it. I have split ends, and I used it on my hair after it was straightened and it actually made my hair break. I really wanted to like this product, and I tried using it in different ways, but sadly it just didn't work out for me. On the plus side, it does smell super nice!

Delia H.
Works great on split ends!

I use this after I shower, and I apply 2 pumps to just my split ends and it keeps them from looking all split and gross. However, when I put this all over my hair for the leave-in conditioner purpose, it leaves a sticky. crunchy feel. I love it for split ends though.

marcella e.

i like the bottle and the smell, less split end, and i permed and dyed my hair. especially since my hair is curl, i like to use it when it half dry and rub 2pumps into the hair from ear to the ends. yes it will become stiff when it dried but thats what i like, its kinda like give more texture to my hair, and i got compliments on the street many times ;)

Vanessa M.
terrible texture

I think the only way this "mends" split ends is by making your hair extremely sticky and giving the appearance of nice ends. Even then I feel like it looks like you've used gel in your hair...if you want to mend split ends you need a haircut with razor sharp scissors, you can't fix damage that has been done other than by removing it, and using deep conditioners and other creamy, nourishing products to prevent the breakage!

Olivia K.

I really like it, even though I personally think the price is quite in the high side. I feel like it mends your split ends, but yet at the same time it becomes stiff & crinchy but yet, it works as long as you brush it out after.

Zoe K.
Fixed my split ends!!!

When I first got this product, I went online to see what others were saying. While most people didn't like it, there were a few people who loved it. I've found that the best way to use it as a split end mender is to rub a good amount into the ends of your hair and leave it there until it dries and becomes stiff, then brush it out. And to use it as a leave in conditioner, you just smooth it over any fly aways you may have and just lightly run it through your hair.

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Sabrina R.

It is very greasy and I need about seven pumps to even give the smallest amount of mending/conditioning. The price is outrageous considering it didn't work for me at least.

Anna D.
Love it!

My hair feels so strong and unbreakable when I use this. I'm not too crazy about the price, but everything else is amazing! The first week i used this, my friends all complimented on how shiny and strong my hair looked and it did kind of mend my split ends. They weren't as noticeable when I used this and they did add a shine and made my hair feel very clean, very pretty. :)

Takara D.
Not impressed!

False advertisement as far as I'm concerned! I don't like the way it makes people's hair feel. It doesn't mend anything. There are many other products that out perform this one.

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Micia I.
good product. !

this does exactly what it says it does. i started to notice a difference in my hair after about 3 weeks, using it every other day. the only thing is it's really sticky and leaves my combs and brushes filthy . i would reccommend it to anyone ! especially if you have the time to frequently wash your combs and brushes ;)