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Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo


Sarah T.
Yes Yes YES !

Possibly one of my favourite TIGI products, a little goes a long way, doesn't show in your hair and lasts all day, i recommend this to anyone its a complete life saver !

Xiomara T.

Dry shampoo is lovely. I recommend everyone use it. I especially enjoy using Rockaholic. It smells amazing and never leaves my hair feeling chalky or heavy.

Common mistakes are spraying too close to the roots. Product build up is what will happen. If it feels too heavy the first time,try it again only several more inches away from your scalp.

Alexa D.

this product is a must have for girls who dont like to wash their hair everyday/night. I love this product, not only because of the light (real) citrus scent, but because with a small spritz, then brushed through with a paddle brush, hair looks good as new!

Leanna G.
My second favourite

Light scent, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave any white in my black hair! For me it's second only to Batiste (which works the same but smells even better and is about a dollar cheaper).

Giu S.
Saved me on many occasions!

Saved my life many times... I have oily hair and it's not easy to make them last until the next shampoo. This product is unbelievably useful, the only problem is that... it's quickly over :(

Kristina d.
My Dirty Little Secret

My hair is very oily and I need to wash it almost every day. When I was first experimenting with dry shampoo this is the one I started with.

It does spray white which some people don't really like but I don't really mind it since my hair is black it is easy for me to see and I just massage it in. It smells really good, and it does what it's suppose to.

Downside is that it is around $20.00CDN and I have found another one that I like even better for less money. I have small bottle of this I keep in my purse though if I need a quick fix or to add a bit of volume.

Bottom Line: Out of all the ones I have tried (and I feel like I've tried them all) this is in my top 2, the only reason I don't buy it as often is because of the price.

Kenna  S.

Good formula, reasonable price, works great, what's not to love! Keeps hair voluminous all day. Honestly, it could be a bit less powdery and white when applied to hair. But still good. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Hannah R.
Current favorite

This was my first dry shampoo as well, and so far I can't use anything else. I have bought 4-5 cheaper versions, including batiste, suave, tresemme, and more. I hate all of them- and in the end, even though this is more expensive, a little goes a MUCH longer way than those other brands do. It actually works for me, and the others don't- plus it adds volume.

I'm still on a search for the best dry shampoo, but so far this is winning.

Crystal M.
Is it me, or does the product evaporate/disappear into thin air?

I bought this, but did not use it for about two weeks, just cause I'd put my hair up on days that I didn't shampoo, however, when I tried applying it, it's like the product disappeared! Nobody else in my household uses dry shampoo except me.. Quite disappointed this happened, considering I was recommended it was a good dry shampoo.

Jillian T.
not my fav

I am definitely a fan of dry shampoo but this one left me wanting. I prefer to get as many days out of a shampoo as possible, my hair is colored and vibrant and I would like to keep it that way. I use dry shampoo to extend time between shampoos, aide in styling, and help fix any over product usage. This one smells good when applied but I do believe it made my hair hold environment smells, at the end of the day my hair did not smell too pleasant. I also feel like while it was a good updo styling aide it did not made my hair feel refreshed if the intent was to wear it down.

I believe there are other brands that work better for my purposes.