What's Your Nail Shape Personality?


Don't know which nail shape best fits your style? How you file your fingertips can be just as important as the color or design you paint. From pointy diva digits to short sporty tips, we explore which popular celebrity nail shapes fit each personality type.

Divas such as Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Beyoncé all sport long, pointy talons. This flashy style—also know as the stiletto nail because of the manicure’s spiky, tapered shape—gives more space for detailed designs.

Short and sweet! Busy or always active Beauties such as Taylor Swift (imagine what strumming a guitar daily can do to your fresh paint job!) and Vanessa Hudgens don't have time to fret over a broken or chipped nail. Small, rounded tips allow the ends—which are below the fingertips—to be better protected.

Lauren Conrad and Kate Middleton may have vastly different polish styles, but they both enjoy the most popular modern nail shape: the squoval. A compromise between harsher square edges and softer rounded tips, the casual yet sophisticated look works well with medium to long nails.

With well-defined, structured edges, the square shape is sexy and daring. Flirty celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have been known to flaunt the aggressive style.

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