Bamboo Bronzer Brush

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Rebakah G.
Nice brush but...

This is a really nice dense brush. It's marketed for a bronzing brush but for me it applies product a little to precise. I like my bronzing brush to be a little less dense, I'd use this for buffing out powder. I don't reach for it much but like the brush. Bought mine from the best prices on ecotools that I could find. Use code JTJ060 to get $10/$40 or $5 off anything less. Had my brushes within 3 days cross country!

Julianne J.
Very versatile brush

I got this because I got my first MAC MSF and needed a good blush to apply it with. These positive reviews helped me get this one! I like the thick handle and fluffy brush head, but almost would like it to be a kabuki as to grab more product. You really have to press in the compact to get the MSF out and I hope I'm not being wasteful. But I do like it for that. I also like using this for blush/contour/highlighting. This is a great brush to blend your contour and blush out, and perfect for spot highlighting, as well as mopping away fall out from your shadows. I like that with a few swipes you can powder your whole face- its super quick and efficient! EcoTools were some of my first makeup brushes and they are STILL a favorite of mine. Very high quality makeup brushes hidden in your drugstore!

Kacey C.
Great quality, super inexpensive.

I have had this brush for over a year now and after ever cleaning it feels brand new again. EcoTools have the best drugstore brushes on the market. This brush makes blush and powder application smooth and natural. I have yet to see a single bristle fall out and it's as fluffy as the day I bought it.

Cynna S.
firm and fluff all at once

This brush is versatile. I have used it with powders, liquids and creams. Its very sturdy and yet the bristles are so soft and fluffy. Very few brushes compare to this. I waited for a sale on a popular website and I purchased this on a whim. EcoTools has not let me down yet.

Dawn C.
Many, many uses for this brush....

First, the construction of this brush is fantastic. Very sturdy and I personally like the fat handle. The bristles are about the softest I've felt and the price is cheap, but it is not reflective of the quality.

I have several of these....I use it mostly to apply my MSF. It's my final step when I'm going for a total flawless look. You don't need alot of product, the brush applies the msf perfectly.

I also have been using this to apply bronzer and surprisingly, cream blush! I love how this brush gently presses the product into my skin.

I highly recommend trying out all of the EcoTools products. They are a great company who provide high-end quality at the drug store.

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Danielle C.

i am currently obsessed with this brush! it has given me the most seamless powder application ever! ( i use it for pressed/loose powder) because of the price point i wasn't expecting a lot but i was surprised by this brush! i am going to check out all the brushes from Ecotools!

Great Brush!!

I love this brush for body bronzing. I use a much smaller one for contouring and putting bronzer on my face, but this is GREAT for everywhere else. I love to pull bronzer onto my decolletage, and shoulders, and this is perfect for that! I recommend it to anyone! I've never used an Eco Tools brush that wasn't awesome, I love the brand!

Metta X.
Amazingly Soft!

I absolutely love this brush!! Ecotool brushes are amazing and I love the whole line! This brush in particular is very versatile. You can use it for powder, bronzer, blush, and even highlight. The bristles are amazingly soft and very VERY dense. It can definitely pick up the product very nicely and gives a very smooth application. Definitely Recommend!

Christal S.
Great brush

I love this brush. I use it to buff and the handle is the perfect size to have a great hold. It is super soft. I was sold on buying it after I felt the one on display at Ulta. Will buy more Eco tools!

Simera H.
Must Have

This brush is incredible. It is extremely dense and very soft. I use this to buff in my THE mAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and it helps me achieve a flawless finish. It is very affordable compared to similar brushes from other companies. Plus it's eco friendly what more can you ask for.