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Nice powder to pale out the face

I got this to help me re-create some Pat McGrath for John Galliano Fall 2007 inspired makeup looks for my beauty school final. I wanted to powder the face, then do dramatic eyes and lips- Vaudeville meets goth meets Victorian meets 20's Old Hollywood glamour. I wanted theatrical and dramatic looks. I think this helped, for the most part.

The trick to using this is to add light layers, then gradually build up. You can't cake it on all at once and expect white color payoff. (Virgin is the matte white powder). You need to build it up slowly to ensure it doesn't look patchy and it will build opacity. I've used it on myself after just using it for that assignment of sorts and I think this works great if you want to subtly pale out the face. I tried to use this for highlighting and it doesn't quite work as a highlighter without making your look seem powdered- instead of highlighting you might look a little Marie Antoinette-ish, even when that's not the look you're going for! So, I'm still playing with this. I have not used this damp/wet, so that might also help kick up the intensity of the white.

This wasn't dirt cheap, but I think its doable. The packaging is awesome- but I think my mini crystals fell off the top of the compact. I also don't use the sponge, but its nice to have a second compartment included. I'd be interested to see how the other powders of this line perform, especially when damp/wet. I'm glad I got this- not just for the look I thought I would need it for, but to experiment with on myself!

Some of the best as far as pencil eye liners go!

I got a mini pencil of Zero in my Show Pony Shadow Box many years ago (the set is discontinued but its on the BL database). I thought it was such an awesome addition to an eye palette- I was a MU noob at the time- and I loved how the mini fit snugly into the package. I used it up and liked it, and I think its great to be able to use a sample up before getting the real deal. That way you can learn about new products but not feel obliged to use something you realize you're not so hot about. Zero is a nice black, it glides very smoothly, especially on the water line and the consistency is creamy. I have been wanting to try out all the other fabulous colors that have been launched year after year- but if the original Zero, way before Perversion, is any indication of how good these are now, I'm in good hands, or eyes! :P

Old Favorite

I used to LOVE these when I was a young teen. I love Raisin- it was almost pigmented enough to be a great wine-colored lipstick. Watermelon was another go-to- very natural looking. I liked Champagne and a nice, icy/frosty opalescent light pink as well. A few years ago, to complete my collection, I added the rest of the line, but after I swatched all of them I was pissed realizing how similar they all looked on my lips. I could barely tell the difference between the bulk of their newer shades. It annoyed me so much, I stopped using them, and I felt like an idiot for wasting my money buying the rest of their shades. I did love the classic peppermint oil tingle in these, just like the original balm. I'd go back to using these but I have so many lip products I need to use up/use more of. But it can't hurt having them around, (in my makeup rejects basket) if only for sentimental value :D

Fun change from my usual bodywash

I've become an even bigger Burt's fan than I thought I already was- probably due to the massive expansion of their line! There's been some hits and some mediocre misses but all in all I love trying BBs stuff. I wanted to try another one of their bodywashes because I quite enjoyed the Peppermint Rosemary one and I was in the mood for a change from my typical Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree soap.

The one I purchased is probably the same formula as the photo but its in a slinkier bottle and the ginger root is now just "ginger" no root. I expected the sweet, refreshingly citrus scent but I would have preferred the ginger component to be zingier, maybe faintly spicy. The ginger note was sort of woody, very hippie dippie. I've come to expect that all too familiar scent from Burt's, so its ok- but I was a little dissapointed the bodywash wasn't more ginger like and had a funky undertone to the crisp and sweet grapefruit overtone.

All in all, I like it, not love it, and for that I probably won't repurchase. I tend to only repurchase things I love from BBs only because their stuff is not super cheap.

Great scent, body oil noob, not in love with it

Let me preface this by saying I got this in a little mini-sampler kit EONS ago. As in early high school, so a long time ago. I hadn't really used the kit at all, only here and there, mostly because the products had an all-natural oily feel, and I couldn't get past the texture. When I joined BL, I made it my quest to really give these babies a shot- even if that meant slathering the balms and salves on, before bed. In the past couple of months I started using the samples more than I ever did- but there are plenty more to go. I chucked the ones I rarely use in my MU rejects basket (which I delve into from time to time) and if I STILL can't get past the texture and they're not doing that much for me, I'll gift them or throw them away. I say throw away, only because I've had them for SO LONG, and they are not chock full of preservatives. I honestly don't mind using the samples when they're off though- I can't tell the difference, at least now.

I've tried using this for my dry scalp when I had dreads (which didn't really work), and I found it nice to add to some warm water and let my hands/feet have a soak before I do my nails. This smells very lemony and would be a great aromatherapy oil or something to add to a hot bath (I have yet to try that). I'm a body oil noob, so this is a nice introduction to body oils. Adding it sparingly to the skin helps it absorb. Don't add too much or it will take forever to absorb and you will feel a little messy and wet. Because its an oil be careful to not drop it if the container gets greasy on the outside- I lost a lot of product that way. This might make for a nice foot moisturizer come to think of it, plus many other uses. At this point, I just want to use it up and get it outta my way and I'm not sure I would repurchase a full size, as I have a mini kit size.

Meh to Good

After hearing so many good things about Alba, and loving to try more nature based products, I decided to give this moisturizer a spin. I love moisturizers that are creamy or sometimes gel based. Moisturizers/creams/lotions are my total weakness! The packaging is super cute- I love tubs, and the design is very chic and modern.

CONS- However, once I opened the tub I noticed a very non-natural fragrance. Its a nice, pretty smell, but I was kind of anticipating a more natural, hippie dippie smell, seeing as how a lot of the ingredients seemed pretty legit, and Alba is all about the all-natural schtick. (Although, I admit, I usually prefer the synthetic fragrance to the natural one). The perfume is the last ingredient, so that means there's not a lot of it in the creme, but the smell is pretty strong. It just doesn't seem like it would belong in a natural creme, so it feels a little incongruent there. My Yes to Carrots exfoliator, which I really like, also has a non-natural smell. The smell also lingers on the skin, which makes me think of when shampoo doesn't wash out of your hair all the way, and the smell annoys you. I love the texture and look of the creme, and it is very moisturizing, but I feel it doesn't sink into the skin very well, which I love feeling when I put on face lotion, and it also seems to make my left and right jaw-line/lower cheeks quite itchy and a little bumpy a few minutes after application. The sensation fades, but still- it might be a mild allergic reaction. I cannot pin-point what the irritant is, though. This is also advertised as a skin evener. I don't recall any even skin tone after 2 weeks, as it states. This is also pricey- for 2 oz it costs a whopping 16.99. In hindsight, I'm not sure this is worth the 17 buck price tag, natural ingredients and all.

PROS- This would make for a great primer though, because it smooths and moisturizes the skin, and is very emollient. The tub also states "wears well under makeup", and I have to agree. I also like using this on brows, and especially the base of my brows, as I get quite flaky there and I don't want that dry skin to make my foundation cake up or look crappy. I've made quite a dent, a little less than half-way down, maybe 3 quarters (I suck at math) but I took a break from it, and am trying to get back to it (I love trying new products, and get bored of fragrances so I have a hard time finishing products). I enjoy scooping the creme from the sides and top of the cap, as it tends to accumulate there, and that way I can use little amounts to dab on my brows (it doesn't seem to irritate the skin there).

All in all, I bought a new Alba creme and I want to test it out to see if it too irritates my skin and if I like that one's fragrance better. I really wanted to love Alba's moisturizers, but if round two is dissapointing, I might have to call it quits. Although their shampoos might be something of interest.

Smells Great!

I cut off all my dreads because they were horrendous, hard to keep clean and I was getting the worst dandruff. So I wanted to treat my new short hair to some serious pampering. I love the bottle- its beautiful obvi. You get quite a bit in the bottle too. I think the sulfate free formula takes a little time getting used to because there is minimal lather. Sometimes I feel not so clean because I don't get the sensation of washing out lather, aka my hair is clean. The conditioner is also very nice and is creamy like the shampoo. The smell is heavenly, soo good. Almost coconut-y. Very nice. My scalp is still getting used to no dreads, so it still has some dandruff, and the dry air of winter/indoor heating isn't helping very much. I think this has not helped very much with the dandruff because any shampoo will leave a bit of build-up. I like using this in combo with my mousse/hairspray because the scents don't clash. As far as the dandruff- I might opt for all natural remedies at some point, but this shampoo is great for the smell and luxurious packaging. <3

Perfectly good primer- not my fave

This primer is perfectly good, just not my style. I prefer more creamy, lotion type primers, that feel like I'm rubbing in moisturizer. I do have a Sorme primer that is a clear liquid gel, but it rubs in nicely and doesn't feel slimy, plus it dries down nicely and is very refreshing. I only used this once, but it feels so slippery and weird. I'm a texture freak, so the texture of this hindered me from trying it again. I do like that you only need a little bit to rub over your whole face, so it has great spreading abilities. Luckily, I only have this in the little sample size, as I got it with my 2011 Holiday Blockbuster makeup kit. I'm not sure whether I should get over the texture thing and use it up or give it to someone. I am glad I got to try it, as well as the other samples I got with this kit, and its also awesome to know that there are tons of applications packed within the mini-tube since you only need a little pit per application.

OK on its own, better over nude lip products. Suspicious scent.

I got this to use over nude lipstick/nude lip products as well. I also really wanted to get it because I thought it looked so SUPER cute in its little tube. It wears OK on naked lips, but certainly looks more opaque and creamy in the tube than on the lips- however, on naked lips, its OK. This does wear best over other products though. As cute as it is, and very portable, it just got left in the dust as I went crazy over my more successful nude lip products. Once I re-discovered it today I realized the fake vanilla scent had turned even more chemical smelling than before and I might need to ditch it. Who knows how long it was already sitting in its display before I got to it? I think this product looks better than it performs, plus there are apparently so many other newer glosses from Milani that perform so much better. I think this is an older line that will probably be discontinued. However, I'm a bit of a makeup hoarder and its cute packaging and ability to work well over other nude lip products might secure it a place in my collection, although ditching it wouldn't be much of a casualty in the slightest. Plus, I think this was rather cheap, so its not like I'm throwing away a ton of money.

One of my fave palettes- low, medium, or high end!

This is such a gem of a palette. I got this for five bucks, and its almost worth more than that. One of my elf palettes was total crap and I had to ditch it. Not this one! This one is PERFECT for smokey eyes, with its arrays of dark browns, burgundies, blacks, greys and shimmery, glittery colors. The lighter colors in the palette are actually not as pigmented as the darker ones, but still make for decent highlights in a pinch. I've used the lighter colors for facial and eye highlights, the darker colors for blending and patting over brown eye liner, brown powder/creme shadow, and my favorite, using over the Maybelline 24 Hr. Color Tatt in Tough as Taupe. I've even used some of the browns for my brows, and whilst not perfect, still do the trick. The array of mauves and purples would look great shimmering over a black eye base (like my Stila Smudge Pot in black) and there are so many combos I have yet to try. I've only used a little bit of the palette but I know it will last for eons, so I'm not in a huge hurry. If you're looking for a cheap holiday palette- look no further, this is for sure one of elf's better palettes! Plus the colors in here keep bringing to mind similar colors in other nude/natural palettes (obvi these are cheaper quality). But as with anything from elf, their packaging is beyond cheap. Even with careful storage in my pink Sephora train case, the palette's lid managed to break, so I took it off and have wrapped it in plastic wrap. It is actually much better this way because its so much less bulky and takes up less space. If you do decide to take the top off for good and wrap it in plastic wrap or in a plastic baggie, just make sure you don't dent the shadow in their pans. All in all, one of elf's best e.s. palettes and one of my favorite palettes ever!

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