Behind The Scenes Eye Primer


Nabilah I.

I got this eye primer with the LORAC PRO Palette and still am using it. This is hands down, the best eye primer I've ever used. I've never used any other high end eye primers so I can't really compare. But my eyeshadows never crease whenever I use this stuff, yes, never!

Katlyn E.
Best lid primer

This lid primer is the only one i'll use! The lightly tinted cream goes a long way and is very easy to apply to the lids with just your finger tip. There is no need to put a base powder under the shadows because the creams color does just that! The shadow lasts all day and never creases ( this is even with just a Maybelline shadow) so knowing it works for high end and affordable end shadows is amazing and proves that it is a top of the line product! LOVE IT!!!

Kendra C.
The best!

This is the best primer I have ever used! When I was so frustrated with my UDPP and Two Faced Shadow Insurance creasing on me all the time, I went on a hunt for a eyelid primer that wouldn't make my eyeshadows crease. I bought the Lorac Pro palette and this gem of an eyelid primer came with it. I have never been happier in my life with an eyelid primer! It is a very creamy primer and the eyeshadows blend like a dream. And best of all, my eyeshadows finally did not crease! I've come to the conclusion that there is no better eyelid primer for me than the Lorac Behind the Scenes!

Chelsea T.
This works wonders!

I apply it with my finger from my lid up to my brow, a little goes a long way. It evens the color out and makes a good blank canvas. It holds eyeshadows in place but I find some of my eyeliners don't exactly like to stick around even with powder pressed in. That could be fault of the eyeshadow, the eyeliner or both. This is the first eye primer I've bought and I'm very happy with it. It lasts a good while too!

Karen H.
Great primer that helps eye makeup stay put

I got this primer for only $10 during Black Friday at Sephora last year. It's a really great product and works just as well as Urban Decay Primer Potion. I think the texture is slightly thinner and not as dry as that of UD primer potion. I'd strongly recommend this product to those with oily eyelids.

Julianne J.
Very Nice primer, feels luxurious.

I got a mini of this with the purchase of my Lorac Pro Palette, which is nice because I didn't need to run out and get the corresponding eye primer to go with my palette. The design of the tube is very luxe and Hollywood glam feeling (as is most LORAC stuff, I presume). I like that its a squeeze tube and that its small so it comfortably fits in my train case and is perfect for travel. I kinda like/don't like the slanted top. While its fits comfortably on the lid it is a little easy to squeeze too much and its hard to see how much you squeeze if you apply directly to the lid. Plus, a little bit will cake the top, so be careful to clean it and try not to be wasteful. Its best to put a little on your finger, then hand apply. I almost would have liked this to have a tiny needle nose tip, but its fine as it is. I will say that you only need the smallest amount. If you apply too much you will run the risk of creasing- which is exactly what you don't want! I've had some creasing with this due too much product/other products on my lids- so keep your application light. The formula is very silky so just the tiniest dab with spread evenly. It has a silky, silicone feel, quite similar to the TFSI. It is nothing like the creamy/tacky UDPP, Elf Lid Primer or Palladio Herbal Primer and nothing like the wet and creamy Benefit's Stay Don't Stray (if you would like a comparison). This primer works great with the Pro Palette shadows and I'm glad I got it with the purchase cuz I'm kinda a primer nut!

Sarah B.
Great product!
Photo of product included with review by Sarah B.

I got this product through my LORAC "Unzipped" palette purchase.

I finally used it and considering I have seriously oily skin, this definitely held my eye makeup in place while at work all day and I didn't have the dreaded "crease".

An N.

this eye primer is surprisingly good. got it as part of a set from Sephora. I wasn't a huge fan of the other things in the set so I ended up returning it, incl. the primer, but this is definitely a winner. It helps eyeshadow cling so well and makes your eye makeup virtually budge proof. Wish I could have had more time with this product, I'd probably give it one more star.

Now I'm using Urban Decay Primer Potion, and to be honest, the Lorac is easily superior.

Heather C.
One of the best

I first used this when it came with a set. I instantly loved how well it worked. It does not crease, and it helps make my shadows last for hours. It isn't to thick or to thin, and is easy to apply. It is one of the best eye primers I have used.

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Maria O.
My favorite eyeshadow primer of all time!

This crease-proof shadow primer is my favorite to use on myself and also carry it in my makeup kit. It is the best primer by far in my opinion because it goes on easily on the lids without having to rub on. It works well for all skin colors and skin types. It is light weight and downs cake, crease or budge. It provides a perfect base for powder shadows, cream shadows and even plain on the lids to prepare for a cat eye liner.

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