Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

This is the only powder that's really my color. It keeps my face matte all day and makes my face and neck the same color because other powders and foundations are always too dark, even when I purchase the lightest color. I love the little sponge it comes with too! I've already purchased another, and these won't be my last!

My miracle cream!

I've had this product for a little over a week, and so far it has cleared all of my major pimples within a day or two. I used to be obsessed with benzyl peroxide until it just quit working. I hope that this won't do the same but its been absolutely amazing so far! Also, its all cheap! I will definitely be repurchasing this as soon as I run out!

Great for the price!

These were some of my first blushes and I love them! I wore them every single day until I got introduced to larger name brand cosmetics. If you're on a budget and need a good lasting blush, you can't go wrong with these! I've had mine for almost six months and I haven't even left a dent in it. Super afforadable, great quality, cruelty free, and wallet friendly! Check them out!

I will never use any other.

I'm a mascara fanatic, and this is by far the BEST mascara I've ever used. I always get asked about my lashes, but with this, everyone just assumed I always wear false lashes. I never ever have worn those before. After I use this, I usually use Maybelline one-by-one to get out the little clumpies. And there aren't many! I'm just a perfectionist ha.

The color is not opaque at all.

I have two gel liners, this one and a cheap Ulta one. I prefer the Ulta by far because the color with this one is not opaque at all. Like seriously. I hate this one. Its just hard to work with and it just sucks. The black comes off more as a gray, and I'm positive I'm using it correctly.

One of my favorites!

This is great to use along with a clumpy mascara because the brush is great to de-clump with! NOT clumpy at all! It makes your lashes so long and separated! Definitely one of my favorites!

I have eight if that tells you anything...

These are absolutely amazing. I'm not a huge lipstick person, until I tried these. They're definitely not drying and the color isn't too over powerful, which I like. They remind me a lot of the baby lips, which is good! Very moisturizing and great to throw in your purse.

Alright, kind of waxy.

I have four of these, but my favorite is the sweet mint because it tingles. They're kind of waxy and stiff, so they're going to last you a while. Easy to just throw in your purse and go. Plus they're really cute and hard to lose. As far as moisturizing, I find myself reaching for my nivea lip balm instead, but they're alright!

The same as any other high end primer.

I have this as well as the UDpp and honestly they're the same to me. Same consistency, same staying power, everything. And to be honest, I'd rather pay $1 for the same product than $20 or so, am I right? If you don't believe me, try it for yourself; afterall, its only a dollar.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

I have rosacea on my cheeks and mild acne, but this covers it all. The only down side is that it's pretty oily. I use this every day and it never fails me. Very easy to blend and a little goes a very long way. I have tried other concealer but I always come back to this one. It just doesn't get any better!