Extra Volume Collagen Mascara


Jackie A.

This probably the best drugstore mascara you can ever possibly buy! The make your eyelashes to appear so long and thick. They are perfect for people who have short eyelashes. With this mascara your eyes are sure to pop and your eyelashes will look so long and beautiful!

Juana R.

I like this mascara because it´s very black. It has got a very big brush, which makes my lashes look very well and with pretty volume. On the other hand I must say that this great brush isn´t great after few months. My mascara got a little bit heavy and parts of the brush started to stick together. But if you will use it everyday, you wouldn´t notice it because you will run out of it before it happened. So I´d recommend it to you ladies! :)

Marili I.

I love all L'oreal mascaras. I use it every day, super volumizing,gives the false lash effect,doesn't flake during the day. AND it made my lashes grow or something.... I thinks the brush is a bit too big but overall i like it.

Melanie R.

This product is great when it comes to thickening, lengthening and dramatic. However it clumps after a few uses and you have to be buying it constantly, towards the end of the bottle it gets really "flaky".

Felicia M.

Honestly the best mascara for dramatic lashes. Thickening, lengthening, and the wand is pretty decent too. Towards the end of the bottle it can get a little clumpy and thick but most mascaras do.. No smudging and no flaking. Continuous use is moisturizing and thickens your natural lashes. Must be the collagen :)

DaisyFierce X.

For my lashes it's the best there is, It's very black and my lashes don't stick together when i use this. It's not very cheap but you can use it for al long time

Kaylee C.
Don't like it!

I don't know why but, I didn't like this one. There are a lot of great reviews for this product but it didn't work for me, it seemed messy and clumpy. I wouldn't recommend this mascara.

Natalie B.

I dont normally use drug store makeup but this is my all time favorite mascara. I normally use Dior Show but when I don't want to fork out $30 every four weeks (Yes, I go through mascara like water lol) this is my go-to mascara. In fact, it works just the same as Dior Show if not better. I have naturally long and full lashes and when I wear this it doesn't weight my lashes down but it makes them fuller and more luscious! Ive even had some people ask me if Im wearing falsies when I use this mascara. I definitely recommend it.

Jenna R.
I will never use any other.

I'm a mascara fanatic, and this is by far the BEST mascara I've ever used. I always get asked about my lashes, but with this, everyone just assumed I always wear false lashes. I never ever have worn those before. After I use this, I usually use Maybelline one-by-one to get out the little clumpies. And there aren't many! I'm just a perfectionist ha.

Tyler S.

Hands down the BEST Mascara I have ever tried thus far, I was in awe the first time I tried it and I haven't switched or gone looking elsewhere since. It really does the trick in one swoosh for me. I love the volume and intensity I get. I also love the wonderful comments I receive about my eyelashes... most people even ask me if they're falsies!?! But it's only a combination of long eyelashes and my kicka** mascara! ;)