Maximum Strength Vanishing Spot Treatment


Jenna R.
My miracle cream!

I've had this product for a little over a week, and so far it has cleared all of my major pimples within a day or two. I used to be obsessed with benzyl peroxide until it just quit working. I hope that this won't do the same but its been absolutely amazing so far! Also, its all cheap! I will definitely be repurchasing this as soon as I run out!

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Ashley H.

I started using this product because I wanted something that would work for my pimples that i get every now and then. it worked for a while then my face turned of the worst. i was unable to wear liquid foundation because my face would turn jet red and i had to go to the doctor to get medicene to help with severe redness on my face that burned like hell. now after a year i am able to wear liquid foundation but i still have the redness of my face mainly on my chin, apples of my cheeks and my nose. it does go away but now my face is way more sensitive and this product has caused me hell I now have to go to a dermatologist to see why my face is still red and if it did something to my skin. I am so angry with this damn product

Jasmine H.

I don't what suddenly happened to my skin, I hit 38 and got acne! So my quest to find a product to rectify this crucialness of this situation I watch a vlog and someone recommended this product. Now I have researched several natural products, department store and stores such as walgreens products. This has cleared my face to rebuild from the damage of scarring. I would totally recommend to start the process of getting your skin back to normal. Make sure you use a sun screen after application.