Beauty Product Reviews

Great liner!!

This is one of the best liners i have ever tried in my life. It is easy to apply and the formula stays put quite well on me. I love how rich and black the formula is. I always repurchase this liner and also the maybeline master precise and the covergirl inkit liners. They are my three bests as of now

Great scrub my friends :)

This scrub,I feel like it really cleanses my face.It smells SOOO goodthe salts in there are big-ish.really heavy duty. Put a moisturizer afterwards though. It might feel like it irritates you but trust me it's the product working its is expensive and doesn't remove my black spots.Overall,I love this scrub


Seriously,I am very happy with this product. It is not expensive,it doesn't make your lashes brittle,it doesn't flake but takes off easily. The brush is a giant wobbly brush which I don't mind AND the packaging is super cute!!! It lengthens and volumizes my lashes. When I first got it I liked it, then hated it but now I love it again. You have to be light handed though since it can clump if you don't. Overall,I really appreciate this mascara :)

Pearl, sheer

Only a buck for this??????? Too good to be true right? Well this primer is really good definitely worth trying out... I would prefer it being in a squeezy tube but whatever :P


Great matte highlight for any needs great packaging also...the color is lighter in person than it looks on the website I got mine at a local dollar store for 2$

Awesome 3$?????

What you get is three ensanely pigmented and totally cute shades...I heard they are dupes for naked lunch,cork,and handwritten by mac fiy the eyelid color is my favorite's an iridescent. Nude color with a hint of pink ithas become my everyday lid shade the crease shade is great and it reminds me a lot of the coffee been elf single shadow but a little lighter...the browbone shade is a standard shimmering white which is great for the inner corner of your eye.. I also think that these shades go well together and could compliment any eye color... I LOVE IT

Classy, fearless, nostalgic,flirtatious

Bad reviews are also going I'm just giving an honest opinion here flirtatious broke before it even arrived at my house and classy broke so the packaging is something they should work on...... As for the product itself all of them are Pretty well pigmented and they don't dry out my lips.....except for nostalgic I was so excited to get it and it's awful.. The product stays in my lip crevices and looks cakey even when ligtly applied... They are good for a dollar but I would rather spend 1.50$ on an awesome nyc lipstick. Classy is a dark blue toned lilacyish pink flirtatious isa nice popsicle pink,fearless is a fire engine red and nostalgic is supposed to be a light nudey pink but it's just a mess

Gentlemen prefer pink,Primrose, blush chrome

First of all the packaging is great and cute!!! :) with only one swipe you get great opaque color... Their color selection is awesome you can get anything from a nude to a lilac to a red to a brown or obviously a pink they are about 7$ each which is kind of pricy for a drugstore lipstick but they are really good!!! :). 450 gentlemen prefer pink is a nice pearl finish reddish pinky fushia color. 110 blush chrome is again a nice pearly shade but it's a brownish burgundy red.. Then 668 primrose is a nice creme blue toned pink. No shimmering or anything but a truly amazing pink that matches any eye look

Good but creases

I have three shades of this and I am not crazy about them because they create a ring around the lips but the shades and the pigmentation and the thickness is great plus I really personally appreciate the brush tip

Very nice

Very nice but remember that it's a lipbalm not a lipstick so it will not appear that much on your lips and you can't build them up without cakiness!!! But it is a good lipbalm :)