Super Lustrous Lipstick

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Nika S.
Pretty amazing!

I am crazy obsessed with this flawlessly dark red shade. Not only is it a gorgeous color, it glides on smoothly but isn't creamy enough to slide around. It lasts through eating and drinking which is excellent! Awesome and a good price.

Sarah F.
Pretty amazing lipstick.

I have a few shades of these lipsticks. They never fail to come out looking wonderful! They're very moisturizing and very pigmented. No matter what shade I pick up I'm never disappointed with these lipsticks.

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Saby T.

I really like how its so moisturizing but i dont wear these often ! I love Revlon lippies bcz they're pigmentation's good and its not pricey ! Its a great drugstore product !

Mizz Mea M.

I purchased this color and i love it. I love the look i get when it is applied. I have a couple of Revlon shades. If i like the shades i purchase more than one tube, and needless to say i have a couple tubes of the color lol.

Mizz Mea M.

I was looking for a good red lippie so i came upon this color. I liked the color. Upon applying it it didn't give me the desired color i was look to achieve but it still came out pretty good.

Mizz Mea M.
love it

I purchased this lippie after purchasing a high end brand lippie. This lippie is a knock off of a high end brand. I so love this lippie it is so lovley and it feels good upon being applied and it wears well.

Jennifer M.

This lipstick is amazing! Its creamy and makes my lips feeling soft. It's also long-lasting and doesn't chap my lips. I would recommend this for people who tend to have dry and chap lips. This lipstick moisturizes my lips, so you don't need to wear any lip balm underneath. It is definitely my favourite drugstore lipstick, and I'll definitely repurchase it! :)

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Marina S.

I love these I own quite a few of them I like to use a pencil underneath just to make sure they stay put because these do tend to come off I wish they had a better wear...I love that they have matte, creme, and I think pearl I'm not sure if there's anymore I can't remember but they have a lot of color selections from reds to nudes to purples and so on.

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Lacey B.
Great color selection

I like these because they're fairly cheap, good lipsticks with an awesome color selection. When I want to try out a new color but don't want to waste money on something I might not like, I go for these. I have Black Cherry, Va Va Violet, Primrose, Stormy Pink and Violet Frenzy. I love them all. They're decently pigmented, not drying and they don't have a scent (which I love).

Marrisa B.
Super moisturizing

Super super moisturizing. It's a really nice dark violet. I couldn't find it at any stores though. I wish whomever is looking for it good luck because it is a hard find but it is worth it.