Matte Eyeshadow


Linda D.
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I went to my local ULTA last week and I saw that they were having a sale on some of the drugstore brands so I picked up one of the Revlon matte shadows just to try it out. Honestly wish that I could of gotten all the colors. This shadow is extremely pigmented. I just ran my flat eyeshadow brush it lightly and it picked up a lot of product with just a light brush through. I used this to fill in my brows the other day and it works great. The shadow does wear off easily so its best to wear a base under it. Overall I love this shadow and would definitely repurchase. Retails at ULTA for $4.99.

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Keosha B.
2 in 1
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this matte shadow i use for an eyebrow powder and its is really pigmented so you can use it to add definition to any eye look i found it at the dollar tree imagine that

Angela s.

I have three of the matte ones in Vintage Lace, Peach Sorbet, and Venetian Blue. I love these shadows they are very silky, and easy to apply and blend. They are also very pigmented which I love. Plus I like the sleek black packaging as well. The only bad thing is I wish they had a better color selection with more colors.

Kaysi W.
Best drugstore shadow I have EVER purchased! Compare to high end

Extremely pigmented and BEAUTIFUL!! I have a navy blue and a dark brown, and I am very impressed. They are wonderful, and they blend amazingly well. I would definitely recommend these to everyone, especiallyn those with a budget.

Hannah H.

I got the dark brown as a brow filler and I love it. Next time I'm going to be getting the peach and highlight color as well. It's truly matte, very pigmented, easy to blend, and feels expensive. I just wish they had more colors.

Jade M.

Great matte highlight for any needs great packaging also...the color is lighter in person than it looks on the website I got mine at a local dollar store for 2$

Stacy N.
Very Pigmented!

I bought Riveria Blue and I cannot remember the name of it off the top of my head, but it is a green color. Let me tell you, these shadows are very pigmented! No matter if you are doing winshield-wiper motions or packing it on, you are going to get a great color payoff! These colors really pop if you use a good primer and base with it!

Douatchi V.

I have 4 of these e/s's. They are kind of a hit or miss. Out of the 4 I have, only one is decently pigmented and its Rivera Blue. I have other e/s's that i prefer so i dont usually pick these up either. The other three are not very pigmented and powdering. Even with a primer/base they dont stick on too well. =/ I'd pass on these.