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Rare Good Find

I used to never wear powder because I never wanted to look cakey and overdone. But after buying the Photo Ready Foundation I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love this powder. It leaves my face looking natural and almost air brushed. I will always use this on the days im too lazy to put on foundation because it gives me the same finish.

It takes a lot for me to like a mascara and make it my go to, but this had it all!! It didnt leave my lashes clumpy at all, no matter the number of coats. It leaves your lashes dark, yet they look natural never false. I didnt notice any growth on my lashes but I loved this product non the less.

This is a fantastic product. I bought this lipstick in Fuschia out of a whim and fell in love with this colour! It is so pigmented and it is the one of the only fuschia lipsticks that actually looks like the colour in the packaging when you put it on your lips! It stays on incredibly long as well.


I absolutely adore this lipstick! Revlon has got to be my go to brand when it comes to drugstore lipsticks. I specifically love Berry Haute. It is my go to whenever I just want to wear a lipstick I love. It's a light violet purple and it looks great on tan skin tones. I wear it so often I've had to rebuy it twice. And I will continue to rebuy it until they stop making it. Which I hope they never do!

Absolutely Great Product

I absolutely love this product. I love how it's neautrals but with colour. Im in love with a dark brown on the very last column and Ive already hit pan on that colour. I also love the burgundy colour that is used as an eyeshadow and a blush in this palette! They're very smooth and pigmented but some are too smooth and very delicate. I know I will be repurchasing this as soon as Im done with it!

I really really like these. The pigmentation is awesome!! They go on so smoothly and give you the greatest look. But if you really want them to last a long time make sure you put something underneath like a lip liner or a primer because if not they seem to rub off easily.


This like a lot of ELF Palettes is a hit and miss when it comes to pigmentation. I rather do like the palette and a lot of the colours in it. But I love love love the light blue. It's so incredibly pigmented and works well as an eyeliner over a brown shadow! It also has a lot of heavily pigmented natural, nude shadows, and that's also a plus!

I really dont like this. It's rather chalky and goes on white onto your skin and you have to blend out a lot before you can even get it to work. Maybe it's just me because Im a darker skin tone, but it just doesnt seem to work for me.

It's ok.

I like this well enough. I use the bronzer as my go to contouring powder beacause for me it seems to dark to be a bronzer. I rarely use the blusher because its just too sheer for my skin. When I use it it ends up looking like im highlighting my entire face. So I only dab it on the tops on my checks and any other specific highlighting areas. I love this and you get your moneys worth and then some.


I love a lot of these colours so much! A lot happen to be perfect dupes for some MAC shadows! The pigmentation in these is amazing! They're quite soft and blend out greatly! I dont know how NYX does it but I love them for it!!

DUPES: MAC Coppering=NYX Copper MAC Cranberry=NYX Rust MAC Amber Lights=NYX Golden MAC Carbon=NYX Black MAC Juxt or Golden Olive=NYX Spring Leaf MAC Girl Meets Boy=NYX Antique Gold MAC Swish=NYX Spring Flower MAC Parrot=NYX Ocean MAC All That Glitters=NYX Champagne MAC Naked Lunch=NYX Sahara MAC Vellum=NYX Opal MAC Rose Blanc=NYX Highlight MAC Satin Taupe=NYX Mocha MAC Heatherette Trio (1)=NYX Sea Foam Green MAC Stars n ROckets=NYX Luxor MAC Easter=NYX Yellow MAC Cork=NYX Dark Brown

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