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Favorite lipsticks!

I love, love MAC lipsticks! I own FIG, REBEL, GIRL ABOUT TOWN AND RUBY WOO! I honestly rarely buy lipsticks from another brand now because I'm so in love with them. They're highly pigmented, they have amazing staying potential, and they smell great! I love my MAC lipsticks, and they're overall my favorite products from MAC in general!

in my picture I'm wearing FIG.

Love! Love! Love!

I bought these the day they came out at my local CVS, unaware of the hype that would follow. I originally bought six, and am in love with every single one! They stay put throughout the day! And although the pigmentation lacks on a couple of them, they have amazing color pay off. I have ended up using them everyday! And I'm so happy they're now permanent products.


I love Glamour Doll Eyes. I purchased the new Circus Collection the day it came out and since then I've gone from 0 to 20 shadows in less than a week. The pay off from these colours when they're dry tends to vary, but when they're applied wet they look amazing! She has a lot of colours to choose from, a lot of finishes to choose from and a good supply of glitters.

In the picture I'm wearing Fiji Mermaid, Bearded Lady, and Electric Chair from the Circus Collection.

Love at First Sight

I was inspired to buy these when I saw Cora from Vintageortacky, and I can't thank her enough. I'm not one for glosses but I absolutely love these. I love that they're not incredibly sticky like others and the pigmentation looks great on my skin. I bought Bordeaux and Hot Pink. I really like hot pink, it's one of the few pink glosses that actually look great on my skin. And Bordeaux is my new love. I love the plum colour and how it looks amazing on my skin. I swatched it on my hand before I bought it and I was a bit iffy about it, but fell in love with it when I put it onto my lips. I definitely reccomend these lip glosses. Especially if you're like me and don't like strong fragrances and sticky lips. :)

Love Hate Relationship

I'm honestly in a love hate relationship with this product. I mean I love the colours that are available in the collection, they come out with some of the greatest unique colours out there, but there are more cons than pros for me. I don't really like the consistency of most of the polishes. A lot of the ones that I own (i own 15) are very sheer. It'll take at leat 3-4 coats for me to get a fully opaque finish, and then it'll take a long time for it to dry. Also the price. I really don't like paying eight dollars for such a small amount of product. I am a sucker for great colours which is why I still purchase them and which is why I just purchased two of the new colours from the fall collection, but if I don't see something I like I just walk past it.

Replacement for high end primer!

I can honestly say that this was one product that seriously suprised me! I decided to try it after my UD Primer Potion started crease on me quite often, and I figured trying this one dollar primer would do me no harm! I did an arabic eye yesterday for a trip to the mall, and after a long day I came home and everything was perfectly in place. Taking into consideration the Texas heat and how badly I sweated I was happily suprised when I saw myself in the mirror. At first I felt as if the product was a bit too sheer, because you can honestly not see it on your eyes after you put it on, and I don't think this will help amplifying the vinbrance of an eyeshadow, but ELF does carry coloured bases on their online store so you can easily replace it with that. I really love the staying power this gives to my shadows and unless it starts to give me any problems in th future I will most likely replace my UD Primer Potion with this!


Although I did like it, I felt like I wasted my money.Seriously, 50 bucks for neutral colours?! By the time I got home I didnt even reach for it at all. I think I only used it once! I ended up reaching for the neutral colours I had already previously owned. And kind of neglected it, so eventually I ended up selling it to my friend making back part of the money that I had spent on it. If you already have neutral colours that you love, dont buy this. It's a waste of money.


I don't know how I ever lived without this product! I always do a liner in my eye no matter the makeup look. It has got to be the most heavily pigmented pen liner I have ever used! I love it. It goes on jet black and last forever! And it's only 3.50 at the least, and thanks to BH Cosmetics there's usually always a sale! I got mine for free for purchasing over thirty bucks!!! I love this and will be buying this again very soon just to have back ups!!!

I know it's not the best swatch but here it is...

Great product!

I absolutely love these palettes! I bought two on a whim and ended loving them. They have great colours with great pigmentation. And for such an amazing price! The only downside side is picking them. The website has them computer animated colours rather than actualy swatches so you dont really know what it looks like other than the picture. Either way I ended up getting I really loved. I always get compliments whenever I wear these shadows! My TOP COLOURS.. BHWM02 is a warm matte coral colour which I absolutely adore. BHMS07 is a metallic shimmer that is a black gunmetal colour with gold sheen. I absolutely lvoe it! AAAAAAND Lastly, BHWS17! It's a warm shimmer neatural colour that is a perfect highlight colour for tan skinned girls. I dont know why it's in the shimmer category because it's definitely a matte! I definitely suggest buying these!!

does as it sais

I was a bit skeptical about it smelling but after buying three I relised they do work. I have Mad About Mango, Grape Icey and Sea Breeze. They all smell lovely. But the consitency sucks. They're all rather sheen and need about three to four coats to get a fully opaque colour on your nails. And they also take a long time to dry.

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