Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eye Shadow Palette


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This palette is okay. Not the worst I've seen. I would surely recommend this to those who are on a budget, or just starting out in makeup.

PROS * Affordable. * Great for beginners or for anyone looking to expand their collection. * Wide variety of colors. * Most colors are pigmented. * Blendable and builable colors. * Comes in different editions. * Comes with shimmer and semi-matte finishes. * They last if you use an eye primer or base. * Small enough to travel with and comes with a mirror.

CONS * Cheap packaging. * Hard to open. * Crappy applicator. * Fallout. * Some are chalky. * Has ONE chunky glitter eyeshadow.

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Christina L.
Stock up!
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I am in love with this palette! I was so excited when I saw it and I tried it the day I bought it. Most of the colors are very pigmented, especially the blues. This palette is perfect for beginners or people who are afraid of color, but trying to get into them more. The looks you could do with this are endless. Great highlight colors too! Very multi-purpose friendly. I did the following grey/blue smokey eye with this palette.

Sarah W.
Amazing! Especially for the price
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I bought the neutral palette from E.L.F paid 5 dollars for it. Have to have a primer though. But the eye shadow lasted for 14 hours with no touch ups! I would definitely by more from them and recommend to a friend.

Keisha W.
Great Everyday Shadow

I use this palette as my all around eyeshadow go to colors for my eyes. I love how easy the colors blend into one another with minimum fall-out. I've even use the hunter green shadow with gold sparkles as my play up color on my smokey dramatic date night eyes. Totally love this product!!!

Marla R.

this is the perfect palette to take on a trip because it has all the colors to create a natural or dramatic look.... keep in mind though a lot of the colors are shimmery... which is the only downside... either than that the colors are very pigmented and not the chalky or powdery... definitely will repurchase :)

Carlissa T.

My mom bought me the warm palette when I first started getting into eye shadows at the beginning of high school. The pigmentation of the colors werent really that good but hey gotta work with what you got my looks still do look flawless till this day I still have the palette and do tons of neutral smokey eyes with it!

Rachel G.
pigment can be intensified with water

Usually i use water to create more dramatic and colorful eyes. Alone, yes they arnt SUPER pigmented but with the elf primer and a little water they pop . I got mine for $3 so it was a steal .

Jackie D.
great variety

i love the eyeshadows in this palette cause it has lots of neautral s which totally blend beautifully in and has a beautiful pink and blue that makes a awesome look but always use primer and wet the brush for the very pigment look

Sarah M.
a lil bit of it all

I found this at my local Target and thought what the heck its only $5.00 color payoff is great..I used this non stop since the day i got it. I def think this is worth the $5. A lot of different shades that can be worn alone or together for a fun look.

Emma M.
Good product for the price

Overall, for the $5 i paid for this it was a really great palette. A couple of the shadows were really not pigmented but most of them were nicely, this is great to put in a school bag or locker for last minute things or people just starting out with makeup but I don't reach for this as much as I used to after getting the coastal scents 88 warm palette because they are of lesser quality but not by any means bad quality eyeshadows. I really like all the colors (i have the "everyday" and "brights" versions of the palette) and will probably take this traveling a lot!