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Great but..

After two weeks of hoarding this I finally used it today for the first time. Like most reviews say this really does cut your cleansing time in half! I put it up to the test with brushes that have been stained and have been used for foundations and concealed and I was floored at how quick my brushes returned to their original colors! This is an amazing product that gets everything out fast and efficientlyz. There are two down sides to this though. If you only purchase the 8 or 16 oz. you don't get a little spray nozzle and makes it easy to over use the product. At first I poured it on my hand then directly on the brush after I dug up an old brush cleaner, cleaned the spray nozzle and luckily it fit on the bottle and it made it easier to not waste product! The second con is the smell. As great as the citrus smell is initially when your doing a mass cleaning it gets to you! Even my boyfriend who like me also initially liked the smell started to complain that it was getting to be too much. Besides the too small down sides this is a miracle of a product and once I finish this bottle I plan on returning for the kit with the three different sizes!

Perfect Nude!!

I got this about two weeks ago after reluctantly purchasing this. I had heard a lot of great things about this brand but I always hesitated to purchase because I'm an avid hater of glosses! I can't stand the stickiness and texture of them. This though is my only exception!! Diana is the most perfect gloss I've ever purchased. It's a great nude for girl of an olive skin tone! ( I am a MAC NC40 and a MUFE 170) It has a creamy opaque finish that is not sticky at all once applied! It lasts for a long time, it even lasted after I had lunch! The only reason it didnt get a full five stars is because of the price. For $21 I do wish you got a bigger tube but its still completely worth it because I've gotten so much use of it! This shade never leaves my purse and I am returning for more shades soon!

Amazing and at a great price!

I bought my first ten shadows an freedom system palette late 2011 and I just purchase my second set of both earlier in March of this year. And holy cow! I love all of these shadows. All ten that I have gotten have all been so pigmented and beautiful. My collection is mostly mattes and unlike a lot of other matte shadows these are perfectly opaque and non patchy. A lot of the more shinier ones seem to have the least pigmentation though. You have literally thousands of options with the freedom system. So many neutrals and brights and darks in one place. Plus the palette itself has have to be the most well made palette in the industry. It the palette itself is so sturdy and magninficently made also the magnification in between the shadows and palettes will guarantee no possibility of casualties while traveling. At six dollars they are some of the cheapest shadows out there in a non-drugstore location. The shadows are 99.5% always amazing and the palettes are so durable and worth it! Inglot is what MAC used to be, only 1000 times better.

A must have

I am obsessed with bright and vibrant lip colors. If I dont wear any other makeup I have to wear lipstick! And lip tars are an amazing invention for this. I own over 18 different shades and they're all amazing. A very little goes a long way and I doubt I'll ever run out of them. You have to be gentle when first applying them if you dont have previous practice because they can be a bit tricky to get opaque. I would suggest using a lip primer since some of these do tend to bleed. They have an amazing color range, and if they dont have a color you want you can always mix colors! I love creating new colors by mixing lip tars I already own. Definitely one of my favorite products of all time.

  • 7.0
Best Foundation

Urban Decay seems to be on a roll lately releasing amazing product after amazing product. It if very hard for me to find the perfect match in foundation, but 7.0 was he first one I swatched and it matched me like nothing else. The consistency is a bit watery but that makes it feel very light once applied. It blends out beautifully and gives you a nice airbrush effect. It has a very buildable coverage going from sheer to full easily. Even when applied sheer it covers a lot of imperfections. At $38 it may seem like a lot of money for a foundation, but it's worth it. I have used this everyday for the past four months and I'm not even done with one third of the bottle. Very worth your money in more ways than one!

I absolutely adore this palette. This I bought the original Naked palette when it first came out but ended up giving it away since I considered it nothing special. I was on the fence about this palette but bought it anyways and I am so glad I did. I use this palette almost every day! It's a great way to make looks that will transfer from day to night. The shadows are all very pigmented and blendable. They all work very well with each other. My favorite shadow in this palette is Blackout. The intensely pigmented matte black eyeshadow. This has to be the best eyeshadow I've ever owned and that shadow alone makes this palette completely worth it.

This eyeshadow primer has to be one of if not the best primer out in the market right now. A little goes a long way with this product. It keeps your shadows on all day and makes your shadows appear brighter and makes them easier to blend. The original primer potion is my favorite for everyday natural looks. Eden primer potion is the one I go to if I want some helping on making bright eye shadows appear brighter on my golden skin tone, since Eden does have a beige color to it. Make sure to always keep the lid on your primer or else it will dry out, this has happened to me.

Amazing quality for the price!!

I absolutely love these palettes! My first one that I purchased was Vanity. I used it everyday for school but one day it broke and I was devastated to find out that they had discontinued the line. I found all of the palettes on Amazon and ordered them without hesitation. All of these palettes are incredibly pigmented. For only $4 they are amazing quality. I would even say that these are much more better quality than a lot of MAC shadows.

These shadows are really unlike much I've seen before when it comes to consistency. They're a mix between a cream and a dry shadow. A mix between pigment and pressed shadow. The pigmentation is quite lovely, and amazing considering it is a drugstore brand! I absolutely love the two colors I have, Continuously Cocoa and Bronzed Taupe! I'm definitely going to purchase more!

I adore my Lip Butters. They're amazingly moisturizing for my lips, and the color pay off is great for when you want a hint of color but not too, too much. The only downside to them is that like all lip balms they tend to rub off throughout the day, but hey that's the only bad thing I have to say about it. Overall, I love them!

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