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Brandi K.

This is THE most beautiful and sophisticated "nude" out there. Worth every penny. I've gifted it to my mom twice and she raves about it!! It's a staple in her very selective stash!

Inna  N.

I absolutely love this lip gloss . Pricey , sure, but it is just gorgeous and wears beautifully. Smells good and feels like you were born into aristocracy )

Crystal L.
Nude Perfection

This gloss is truly amazing for all skin colors!!! I will always repurchase this! ALWAYS! I purchased Edie, Diana, and Ann-Margaret. This is a staple that no one should be without!

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sue r.
perfect lippy for work

If you have paler lips, this is the color to give your lips that "little something more." to look well-put-together without looking like trying too hard. And, as you all should know, or at least i have come to know in my 20 years of searching, no lip gloss gives protection the way armour lip gloss does. saves you from having to worry if your lips are a hot mess so you can just focus on your job, and that's really vital to me since I work retail and am always talking with customers!!

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Itzayana C.
Perfect Nude!!

I got this about two weeks ago after reluctantly purchasing this. I had heard a lot of great things about this brand but I always hesitated to purchase because I'm an avid hater of glosses! I can't stand the stickiness and texture of them. This though is my only exception!! Diana is the most perfect gloss I've ever purchased. It's a great nude for girl of an olive skin tone! ( I am a MAC NC40 and a MUFE 170) It has a creamy opaque finish that is not sticky at all once applied! It lasts for a long time, it even lasted after I had lunch! The only reason it didnt get a full five stars is because of the price. For $21 I do wish you got a bigger tube but its still completely worth it because I've gotten so much use of it! This shade never leaves my purse and I am returning for more shades soon!

Rebecca C.
Officially Obsessed!💋

Just got it, in what was a flash, after ordering it with my credit(thanks beautylish)! It smells AMAZING and feels AMAZING! Creamy an smooth and truly the perfect nude, my search is the perfect pink! Just a great surprise :) and well worth it'

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Erika G.

This shade is AMAZING! I just love how I can wear it with any outfit and it smells so good, smells like vanilla. I am totally gonna wear this everyday

Octavia supahstar R.
So worth it!

I absolutely LOVE this gloss, it's a great neutral shade that I wear with dang near everything. Another plus to this gloss is that it smells really good and I'm looking forward to trying another shade. I would definitely recommend this product.