Urban Decay

Naked Skin


Olivia S.

So far I've loved this product! I usually don't use it on my good skin days but when I have some bad breakouts I use this. It's a great foundation and it's not so matte that your skin looks flat. It ranges from little to full coverage and it certainly does my skin wonders. I got this from Sephora for about $35-39 and the bottle is definitely bigger than most foundations there.

Victoria B.
Will probably never change my foundations!

First off, I would like to say that I have oily-combination skin that gets dry on places all over the lower half of my face from the cheek down, but looks like a greasy mess on my T-zone. My skin is also extremely sensitive, and I've only found few good foundations that will not break me out. I have fairly clear skin with a couple of scars and minor blemishes. I use a clear mattifier as a primer first, and set it with all nighter setting spray. This gives me medium coverage, and I barely need to blot within hours of putting it on! I wear this nearly everyday because it is so lightweight and cooperates great with my skin's sensitivity, and I always get compliments on my skin! I have also noticed a slight improvement in my skin without makeup in the time that I have been using this! I only wear concealer under my eyes for dark circles, but I hate putting it on my face because it breaks me out. I use this with no concealer anywhere but under the eyes, and it gives me just the right amount of coverage! I will definitely be repurchasing this for as long as I wear makeup, which will probably be forever.

Itzayana C.
Best Foundation

Urban Decay seems to be on a roll lately releasing amazing product after amazing product. It if very hard for me to find the perfect match in foundation, but 7.0 was he first one I swatched and it matched me like nothing else. The consistency is a bit watery but that makes it feel very light once applied. It blends out beautifully and gives you a nice airbrush effect. It has a very buildable coverage going from sheer to full easily. Even when applied sheer it covers a lot of imperfections. At $38 it may seem like a lot of money for a foundation, but it's worth it. I have used this everyday for the past four months and I'm not even done with one third of the bottle. Very worth your money in more ways than one!

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Cecil Y.

I love thus inundation. During the day I only wear a by creAm but at night I wear this foundation I love the coverage. It evens my skin and it looks healthy and natural. I got compliments the first time wearing it. I have already turned another girl onto it at work. Also feel like it's lasted me a long time. I got my bottle back in October and am barely running out. I did a review on it on my website.

Maryam F.
Worth every penny!

Finally! A great foundation that not only wears all day, but gives me natural coverage and isn't too shiny on my face. I have oily skin- and this foundation is amazing. I was so eager to try to when I heard this was coming out and it did not disappoint at all. I had to go a few shades darker than I thought I would be. It goes on like butter- and you really do not need a whole of product to cover the whole face. I mixed it in with some other product to give my skin hydration- and the combo looked great on my skin. I don't think I can ever go back to wearing anything else. I have to set this in with a powder- as I do EVERY liquid I put on my face. But this just makes my skin look so good. Really does look NAKED ;) Hands down the best new product I have tried in a long time. THANK YOU URBAN DECAY :) :) :)

Fashion B.
Pretty Amazing!

The packaging is ingenious as it is in pump form, therefore you don’t have to get your fingers all gross and sticky, as they do in foundations without a pump. It is also clear, so you can keep track of how much is left and isn’t a guessing game where you’re stuck realizing you have none left while getting ready to go out. That’s never fun. I think it’s aesthetically pleasing, although the metal cap can get finger prints on it really easily, which is kind of a pet peeve of mine. But, otherwise, I’m a fan! I use the Good Karma Optical Blurring brush ($24), which allows me to blend the foundation flawlessly onto my face and into my jawline, around the nose, and the hairline. Woo! The texture of the foundation is a little runny but I personally pump it onto the Optical Blurring brush and it doesn’t drip off. Once applied, it’s extremely light weight and provides light to medium coverage; a little more than a tinted moisturizer but less than a full coverage foundation. I’ve found that layering the foundation can add more coverage to problem areas. It helps to even out skin tones and reduce redness around the nose and chin. Although Urban Decay boasts that it provides a demi-matte coverage, I’m a little oiler, especially on the T-Zone so it started to get a little shiny by mid-day. If you’re oilier or have combination skin, I would recommend a mattifying primer or powder to help that shine that’ll start peeking through throughout the day. Because of the light coverage, I wouldn’t use this foundation for going out at night or for when I want a full coverage, but it’s the perfect foundation for every day. The foundation comes in 18 shades – the 0.5's being for those with golden undertones and the 1's for those with pink undertones. I am currently using shade 7.0: it applies a little lighter than my skin tone but oxidizes once applied so it blends into my skin perfectly. It does not contain SPF so it’s crucial for you to apply sunscreen before using this foundation! Overall, I’m a fan of this foundation and will continue using it as an every day foundation. Packaging: 4.5/5 Texture: 5/5 Longevity: 3/5 Pigmentation: 4.5/5 Application: 5/5 ——— Overall: 4.5/5 For pictures, swatches, etc. check my blog at http://fashionbento.wordpress.com :)