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Susan H.
Long lasting not sticky

While it does transfer it is extremely long wearing and comfortable more like a balm. The last dance is very flattering and works well with my coloring and I can see it working well with most, though on a really dark complexion it will only be a tinted balm. Very much a dark blood lip color of a happy flushed face.

Roniecisia  S.
I fell in love. I want all colors. I want everything.
Photo of product included with review by Roniecisia  S.

& I also have Barracuda. The lip glosses are a little pricey but they are worth every penny. You get what you pay for with these products. Beautylish, the company that sold these lip glosses were fast with shipping and I did not have to spend extra. Here is my full review, with video at this link:

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Krystal L.
Complete opposite of everything I've heard

I'm literally heartbroken over this product. I've been trying to work with it but will most likely return this and try a non matte formula from the brand.

The consistency is horrendous, it's very patchy no matter how much or little I try to apply, it migrates from my inner lips to my lip line if it is more than the sheerest layer and it is incredibly sticky. Touch ups make it look worse. I've done everything from no lip prep as well as trying scrubs, primers and lip liners with this. The only way I can wear it is if I mix it with another one of my high end glosses, which defeats the purpose. The shade itself would be beautiful if the formula wasn't so tragic.

I have adored Theo Kogan well before Armour and she's the sweetest, most awesome person and I've been waiting forever to try these glosses... and I'm so disappointed. I feel like I shouldn't have gotten one of the matte shades to start ... or maybe I just got a tube of gloss that was a dud?

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Jaclyn N.

If you love lip gloss like me you'll love this product! Sometimes I find glosses just sit on top of your lips and feel like they're about to drip off. Armour has a super light formula that isn't sticky and actually sets into your lips.

This lip gloss is wonderfully pigmented. After Hours itself has small specs of purple and pink glitter that shines through the gloss. My only recommendation is to prime your lips so the color is consistent throughout.

Miss M.

This was a total disappointment. The color was streaky and sticky and hard to apply. Also the smell/taste reminded me of chewed up gum. Trying to reapply after it wore off was not an option. It just got messy.

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Myriam  P.

Wow!! The first item I tried when I received my package. The shade is awesome ...the lasting power is nothing I've ever worn before. Gotta get more shades!! Anyway back to this review ...It's not like a gluey consistency like I expected of a long lasting gloss. Even though I read other reviews saying it wasn't I doubted it some what. I'm glad I gave this product a try. It is now my go to. Thanks beautylish for carrying such an array of products. I give this a 5 all around. I can say More after I've had it a while. others need to take note as she had models pictured with the colors on light and dark models by the way. Thank you armour.

Samina M.
A beautiful deep brown shade

Love the texture of the Armour Beauty glosses - not too sticky, great longegivity and excellent colour pay-off. I don't feel the need to line my lips before applying the gloss. The only reason why I'm giving the Foxy gloss 4 stars and not 5 is due to the colour. I used the Beautylish model images next to the product to decide on my colour choice. The Foxy shade came across as a warmer shade, which I really liked, on the deeper skin toned model in comparison to the lighter skin toned model. I'm a medium-deep skin tone. For some reason, the Foxy pulls a "dark cool brown" shade on my lips. It's not as warm as I'd expected it to be. I can work with the gloss, just have to use a lighter hand in application to avoid the intense cool dark brown lip look.

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Nicol M.
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Armour beauty glosses never dissapoint, this is my second gloss i own from them and they having amazing lasting power. The gloss doesn't slide around at all.

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Brandi K.

This is THE most beautiful and sophisticated "nude" out there. Worth every penny. I've gifted it to my mom twice and she raves about it!! It's a staple in her very selective stash!

abby x.

I love this product and its the best lip gloss i've ever tried. I totally recommend it. I got it in the shade nude. heaps of people compliment me and say how do you get ur lips so nice!!!!!