Beauty Product Reviews

Great Base.

It works really well as a base, which is different than primer. A primer is there to prevent creasing. A base is mainly used to help the color pigmentation. I love using the NYX Base in the nude shade for smokey looks.

One of my favorites!

I absolutely love this liner. I use it almost everyday, if I'm not using the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner. I love the applicator on this. It's stiff enough for great control but loose enough to move where you want it to go. And the color on it is amazing! But I agree it would probably be my favorite if it was waterproof.

Great base & on the go!

I bought this at CVS on sale. I have the Big Apple Blush color. I use it for a powder blush base and put it in my makeup bag to take on the go to touch up. Really blend-able.


I picked up the Baked Blush in Luminoso after hearing so many raves about it being extremely similar to NARS Orgasm. I have to agree, it's a great dupe for it! I love the peachy-ness it gives my skin. The hint of gold shimmer is a little more than what I prefer but not overwhelming. It gives the skin a nice, healthy glow, which I love. :)

A definite go-to!

I ordered the Candid Coral from e.l.f. last summer during a sale and I'm glad I did. It's such a nice color with really good pigmentation. Not tons of shimmer like you find in other lower-end quality makeup. I use it mainly for neutral looks or school makeup. I would definitely pick up more colors. :)

Overall decent blush/bronzer duo.

Thought it'd be a good investment considering it's supposed to be a cheaper alternative to NARS' Laguna/Orgasm Duo.

Pros: The bronzer is definitely pigmented. I love it. And the blush is good if you just want a shimmer of color.

Cons: Both the bronzer and blush is just way to "glittery" for my liking. I wouldn't mind it on the blush but I hate it on the bronzer. I like matte bronzers better. Also, there is way too much fallout. Not much product gets on the brush. After each use, I have to clean up the compact.

Overall, I think it's good for the price. I really want to like this, especially because of the pigmentation on the bronzer, but cons do outweigh pros. I'll definitely keep trying with it.

Silky & Hydrating

I use this after almost every shower to immediately put some life & shine in my hair and give my ends a hydrating drink.

Not to mention it smells AMAZING.

This product is so fantastic, I'm going to definitely try the others in the line!


This stuff is truly a wonder product. I use it for my dry patches of skin I get every so often on my face and in a day, I'm fully healed and moisturized. It works like magic for my dry lips as an overnight treatment all year round.

BUT, I usually carry a small travel size container on the go because it's THAT handy. So, if I so happen to need lip color and I don't have any gloss and I'm stuck with just Vaseline and eye shadow...I mix a little Vaseline with a little eye shadow for a flush of color on my lips.

I'm tellin' you, MAGIC. ;)

Cute packaging...

If cute packaging was the determining factor, It'd be the best thing out there. But unfortunately, this balm didn't do much for me.

I bought it last summer when the product first started coming out in the US and I couldn't find any other one but the pink,assuming they haven't released the other colors yet.

Pros: I like the scent a lot. The packaging is very cute and convenient on-the-go style. It glides on like butter and doesn't dry up quickly after applying like some other lip balms do.

Cons: For me, it sort of made my lips flaky. Not sure why but I figured it defeated the purpose of a lip balm. It also really do much for my lips. Dry lips in the summer isn't fun and it sure didn't help the situation.

I heard some people say the Lemon one is the most hydrating and it's healing power is best. Maybe I'll have to try that and change my perspective.

One of my favorites!

I definitely think Revlon is the best drugstore brand, hands down. And their foundations prove it.

For me, doesn't weigh my skin TOO much and has medium coverage. It's perfect for my skin because I feel I don't need a lot of coverage anyway. Found my shade easily. Lasting power is probably my favorite factor about this because it really stays on for a while. On a really humid day, it lasted about 6 hours which is pretty incredible. This foundation has a ton of shades to choose from, so there shouldn't be a problem finding your match. The price is right, the packaging is very sleek.

I WISH it had a pump. It would be absolutely perfect. And also, there are times where it can feel a bit heavy.

But overall, I love this stuff. It's one of my go-to foundations. I'd recommend to anyone.

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