Beauty Product Reviews

Cakes but effective

If you don't smooth this concealer very well then it will cake up. This formula if very tacky and sticks oddly to the stick if you don't blend it well. Once it blends it is perfect coverage and is easily blended with foundation. I like using it for big events. Not ideal for daily use.

Great coverage

I think that this concealer if perfect. I adore the color blending and it applies smoothly and covers fully. I love the way it feels and the way it blends. I will buy this again. Love it.

Shiny but effective

This powder blends perfectly with the foundation. I love it despite the bit of shininess it adds. I don't mind the shiny as long as I don't go out in direct sunlight so I would recommend this for a quick office/school look where you'll be inside all day. Overall I would buy it to compliment the foundation. I like it.

Gel is useless

The brow pencil didn't have a shade that complimented my natural eyebrow color. The brown was too dark and had a purple hue. The blonde was too light and seemed to have a reddish hue on my skin. My light skin shows all the pigments in the brow gels as well which only added to the awful colors. Overall don't purchase.

Too heavy

I have very light skin and I need the lightest concealer, but even the lightest concealer of this brand was too dark. It didn't compliment my skin tone and went on too thick for my taste. It felt very heavy to me and didn't cover well despite the heavy feeling.

No coverage

This make up complimented my skin tone perfectly, but provided almost no coverage for redness or any blemishes. Even when used with concealer it didn't provide necessary coverage. The only good thing about this product was the wide range of shades.

Love it

I love this mascara. It doesn't clump up my lashes. It also doesn't feel too heavy. The color is a perfect black and it brightens my eyes. Perfect for a quick everyday look or even apply more for an evening look. I keep buying it. I love it.

Doesn't last

Its a great liquid to have at the start, but it dries out quickly. Another downfall of this product is it doesn't last on your eye either. All in all I wouldn't buy. Its not worth it even for a drugstore brand.

Keeps my eyes perfect all day

This primer is perfect because of its creamy texture. I love the way it feels on my eye. Its not heavy, but makes my eye shadow last all day. It keeps my eye shadow as bright as when its first applied. It feels great and doesn't crease. Love it.

Perfect for winged eyeliner

This eyeliner has a thin brush and a super dark black that I love. Its thin brush is perfect for wings and its deep black works with any skin tone. I honestly love it and use it daily. I'm addicted!

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