Please Hold Eye Primer

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Hannah B.
Keeps my eyes perfect all day

This primer is perfect because of its creamy texture. I love the way it feels on my eye. Its not heavy, but makes my eye shadow last all day. It keeps my eye shadow as bright as when its first applied. It feels great and doesn't crease. Love it.

Lynn M.

Good for beginners but for more experienced people not a good a idea..Makeup wears off by might work for some but not me but i think it's because of my oily skin

Lisa M.
My go-to eye primer.

I have this eye primer/concealer and I am really liking it. I used to use the Urban Decay Primer Potion but it's too expensive. I also use E.L.F.'s eyelid primer on a daily basis. This is an in between choice (money wise). The packaging to me is great. I love to be able to open it up (and it has a little mirror too) and just dip my finger in. I know a lot of people don't like packaging that you use your fingers but if it's for personal use and you wash your hands before handling, I don't see a problem. This way, you use up all the product...unlike UDPP which you had to cut the tube open to get it all out. It works really well for me. I use it as an under eye concealer too. It's soft and silky, blends easily. I recommend this primer.

Glam Girl Talk  N.
Love It

I love this mark eye primer. i have always used urban decay primer potion which seemed a little on the thinner consistency. After using this i will not switch back. You can use the whole product and it is more creamy. I use this primer everyday in the lighest shade.

Lauren R.
Love it!!

This is the best eye primer I've ever used & my eyeshadow stays all day long in any condition, even while swimming! And the package is too cute and lets you be able to use all the product! And I can just apply it with my finger & I'm done!

Elizabeth C.
love it

this primer is very creamy, and the pakaging is my favorit that way u can use all the product u payd for, I got the lighest shade and i can also us it as a conceler its the perfict consistency for that, it comes in only two colors. love it hope this helps you ladys. -cjsmakeup-

Jennifer C.
Great application, creamy

This eyeshadow primer has the best consistency - it's not thick and sticky like the TooFaced shadow insurance can be, and it's not thin like the Urban Decay primer potion and the e.l.f. eyeshadow primer. I like all of those primers, too, but this one is definitely my favorite. It's best applied with your fingers. You can use a concealer brush but it's just faster with your fingers. It blends beautifully and has the perfect consistency, kind of like a smoother concealer. I use it almost every day!

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