LineExact Liquid Liner


Rae M.
Fantasticly Inky and Long Wearing!

This is fantastic! Its super dark and inky. The long felt tip marker point makes it soooo easy to apply. It lasts all day, but is easy to wash off. I'm not sure if its because I pat black or navy blue eyeshadow over top just before it dries. That soaks up all the extra moisture, locks it into place, and also helps to soften the lines and any imperfections. I wear it on the upper lash line, but haven't tried it on the lower lash line yet. I wear contacts and this doesn't bother my eyes at all.

Kikikulala L.

I love this eyeliner, easy to draw on lash line even waterline, small and easy to handle so that u can hold it so close to the mirror

Kayla H.
Good product!!

I like the tip and packaging.. the product is just eh.. an eyeliner.. the color choices on the other hand were great and i was really shocked they had a smokey grey color ( which is what i always wear for my blue green eyes) Disappointed because the tip dried out and could get any more product out..

Colette R.
Very good product!

The packaging and the applicator is nice, I like it. Other than that it's a decent product. It's just a liquid eyeliner. I shook the product thoroughly with the cap on, Then used the eyeliner. IT flowed out onto the tip easily, No dripping and it performed well. Like it says, It is easy to hold and use. I gave it 4 stars out of five, Purely because of the bad reviews.

Nancy-Lee C.
Dried out FAST!

i was so excited to find this! I used to use the Stila liner that looks exactly like this but alas, they discontinued it. So I spot this at Target and LOVED how smoothly it went on. I was able to easily control it and build the line to the right thickness and it was long lasting yet easy to remove.

And 3 weeks later it was totally dried up. Lid tight. Dried out. *Sigh* So i'm torn. I do not know if I will rebuy, even though it was so cheap @ $5! Perhaps I should give it one more chance.

Jenna N.
I'd rather put satan on my eyes.

Honestly, the first time I put it on I loved it. But I'm the person that laughs all the time. My eyes water when I laugh and I usually do the classic wing. So when laugh a big chunk is taken out. All I have to say >.<

Hannah B.
Doesn't last

Its a great liquid to have at the start, but it dries out quickly. Another downfall of this product is it doesn't last on your eye either. All in all I wouldn't buy. Its not worth it even for a drugstore brand.

bryanna l.

I like the packaging and the concept of it.... but that's as far as it goes. The color was watery and I had issues with it coming out enough to make it actually work. I think I got as far as swatching it on my hand before throwing it away.

Maya C.

It was nice while it lasted, but it dried out so quickly. The brush was nice and it was easy to get a thick or thin line. I only wish it hadn't dried out so fast! Also, I thought that the black brown would be a little darker. It looked more brown to me.

MacKenzie B.
Hated it

I use liquid eyeliner regularly, and I was trying out a few new ones. I did not like this one at all; it was actually waaaaay too inky instead of usually liners being too dry. Would not recommend.