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Cute but Sucks (imo)

I saw soooo much hype about this on Youtube so I got it. I have the Summer Fruit, Honeydew and Strawberry Sorbet and they ALL smell really nice (at first) but then the smell goes away and it just tastes like cardboard.

It doesn't do anything for my lips! It doesn't moisturize my lips. After I apply this on, it leaves this weird nasty white stuff on the corner of my lips and it's just nasty! I'm better off with dry lips than nasty white stuff on my lips. Never purchasing again.

Great buy!

Love my sigma set (wish I waited for the Mrs. Bunny set since it's cruelty free). Didn't wanna splurge on MAC brushes. Sigma is a great beginners brush set. I find myself using every single brush a lot. These brushes include a wide selection of brushes to use to create any makeup look. My favourites are the Angled blush brush, short shader brush, pencil brush and angled liner brush. The only problem I have with these brushes are that all the natural haired brushes smell like a petting zoo and I've had my set for more than a year and the smell is still there! If you're really sensitive to smell, go for the all synthetic line (Mrs. Bunny set). Maybe it won't smell as much.


For $1, it's great! Mine has been working for a long time and I just recently changed the pad so it's gonna last me a long time! And I don't mind repurchasing it since it's only a buck. My tip if this curler pinches you, tug your lid up.

Too shimmery for my taste

I got this blush for Christmas and I was SUPER excited to finally get a Nars blush and I was glad to get the famous Orgasm blush. Then I looked at the color and it was really shimmery o_o I prefer more matte blushers or blushers with it's own luminosity. The shimmers in this blush just made my pores a lot more noticeable. So I just gave this blush to my sister.

Bang For Your Buck!

I recently did a review of this on my blog.

I can't believe how cheap this is and how amazing the pigmentation and quality is! My first Wet n Wild palette ever and I am definitely going to get more. I love how it's half matte and half shimmer and I definitely go for the matte more. It goes on so smooth and it's soft and not chalky.

I Always Use This!

Never will there be a day when I do my makeup and I don't use my F40. It's just a great size for contouring my face and it's super soft too! You can use it for blush but I just prefer this brush for contouring.


This mascara does the impossible for my lashes! I have really short thin typical Asian lashes and this mascara actually makes my lashes visible and amazing looking! One coat gives me great length and volume but still looks natural and more coats of it makes it a lot more dramatic and long. I just go ahead with one or two coats because the more coats you put on, the harder it is to remove.


I love this so much! I can't really find that many great matte lipsticks at the drugstores and for $3, it's great! Just make sure to exfoliate your lips and wear a good lip balm before application because it will get into the lines on your lips.

Dries too quick!

It was great at first. It had pretty good pigmentation but then later the felt tip started bending and got worn out and it dried up really quick. But it didn't even last that long anyways. Not wasting my money on repurchasing this even if it is cheap.

Greatest Drugstore Lipsticks!

Probably one of my favourite lipsticks from the drugstore after Rimmel Lasting Finish. I have it in 515 Coral Crush and Pink Please which is unfortunately discontinued. :( Maybelline has a wide range of shades and different finishes. And it doesn't feel like you're wearing lipstick! Although I do get some transfer into my teeth but I think it's because I kinda overdo the lipstick application. And they also have this weird Play Doh scent to it which I don't mind since it's not like I can smell my lips ahaha.

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