Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

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Kayla T.
Easy to use

This is the flirt liquid eyeliner pen I tried and I like how easy it is to use! Goes on nice and stays on all day. Plus its only a $1! Will be buying more!

Lily H.
Dries too quick!

It was great at first. It had pretty good pigmentation but then later the felt tip started bending and got worn out and it dried up really quick. But it didn't even last that long anyways. Not wasting my money on repurchasing this even if it is cheap.

Clara S.
Only a Dollar?

I was at target one day and I though I'd go over and look at the E.l.f. stuff . Every time I go I think I should try this out , but I never did untill a few weeks ago . I got this in Coffee. It works great! But It dries out really fast. So I decided to store this in a jar with the tip down. It helps alot because then all the product goes to the top . Overall I like this product and I would recommend this to a friend and will repurchase .

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Kira-lee N.
Meh, it was only a dollar

I personally don't like the way it goes on. I think it goes on a bit chalky and it pulls a bit to get even coverage. The colour was great though. And it stayed on my lids all day, even after a fit of crying laughter. For a dollar, it's totally worth it, but if you really want something perfect, you might want to invest a bit more money.

Alejandra G.
Good for the price!

It's super cheap and works perfectly, I bought mine in coffee and plum, and they both work and have lasted over a year. The one in coffee has dried out already but that's only because I basically used it everyday for like 10 months or something. It's definitely worth buying.

Melrose M.

my friend gave me one in coffee for my bday..i LOVE how it applies..i love the color on it even tho im not a fan of brown eye liners...its not too liquidy or sticky and applies precisely...but i dont like how the tip frays and doesnt stay pointed :/

Iliana A.

It's a good liner. It's pigmented enough for you to see the color. But I didn't like that it dried out while apply. I had to close it or wet it a little before doing the other eye. And it didn't go over my shadow when I tried to apply it