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Complete Kit without Brush Roll

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Elle W.
Great Starter Brush Set

This brush kit comes with all the basic brushes you need to begin your brush collection. The quality of each brush is exceptional, the only brush that sheds a bit is the Duo Fibre, and they're easily comparable to MAC brushes. I would highly recommend buying this set if you are just starting out your collection and are in need of face and eye brushes, but if you're willing to spend some more money I feel the Premium Professional Kit is more worth it because you also get a Lip, Flat Definer, Small Tapered Blending, Powder/Blush, Tapered Face, Tapered Highlighter, Large Concealer and Large Fluff for all for only $60 more (and these are pretty expensive brushes).

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Camila D.
good price, decent quality, happy buyer!

I bought this brush set expecting good things since it has good reviews overall. I am happy to say I am pleased with my brushes so far (have had them for about 3 months and have washed them every week)

I was expecting them to take a long time drying but if I clean them in the night they are dry in the morning. I must say that I took one star off since I think the Large Powder - (F30) brush it's poorly made, it still sheds after 3 months and it is not as soft as I will expect!

Also I am not too happy with the Duo Fibre - F50

the foundation brush on the other hand it's pretty good as the large angled brush! Overall I am very happy with my purchase, I use all the brushes on a daily basis.

I hope this was helpful!

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Tisha R.

These are my absolute favorite brushes. These brushes are amazing no shedding, durable, long lasting and very affordable. Sigma has a brush for your every need. If you're just starting out in this business I highly recommend adding Sigma brushes to your kit. You will not be disappointed.

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Jennifer C.
Bought these 2 years ago

And they still work like I just bought them. When I first started wearing makeup I never knew how much a difference brushes made, and so my application of my makeup got much better. These are high quality brushes and they're all I use with a few MAC brushes I had had before. I use these brushes as a part of my freelancing kit and I love that they're always coming out with new and innovative products!

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Monika T.
Great Brushes!

I Love these brushes. I have so many high end brushes and no matte what i still reach for these ones. I would definitely say there comparable to MAC brushes, not exact dupes but there still a great brand and set to have around. i added 2 sets to my collection, 1 for my kit and 1 for personal use. still one of the best investments i've ever made! phenomenal application and easy cleaning. no matter how many other brushes and different brands of brushes i own, these are my go to brushes Thank you Sigma!!!!

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Makeup Artist Ashley Marie A.
Photo of product included with review by Makeup Artist Ashley Marie A.

I had this brush set for a while now an i have to say that I LOVE THEM!!! They are very well made an very soft i have wash them several time and they remain soft as the day i bought them. I bought the Complete Kit without the brush roll on for $79.00 and you get 12 professional quality brushes Everything you need to apply makeup to eyes and face. They also sell individual brushes as well! Check out the website and get your today!!!

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Hannah B.
Great brush set for the money!

Why spend so much on MAC brushes when Sigma brushes are the same quality for less? This set is a great start for anyone who loves makeup. I feel like almost all of my makeup needs met by this kit, but I will say that I would have liked a smaller blush brush. The eye brushes are unbelievable, and will seriously improve your technique. I will say I've had some shedding on the stippling (duo fibre) brush. Otherwise I just plain love these! I'm hoping to get the precision eye kit soon!

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Maura Z.
best ever!!

The brushes I used to have didnt pick up shadow colors well, did not blend well, and weren't what I was looking for. Then when I got my Sigma set, I used them for the first time and was completely shocked at how well they could use color and blend! They're perfect!! Beware they do shed a little, but so did my old brushes. Sigma has been the rave of youtube and now I see why! These brushes make cut crease looks much easier and are great for professionals or anyone really interested in makeup. They will take your looks a step up!!

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Mari P.
Nice combination, good quality

This set includes all the brushes needed to create all looks. Usually brush set come with brushes that are not of good quality or do not have much function but this one comer with all essentials. I love it especially the F40 for blushes

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Kayla L.
All I Need Is This

Before I bought my Sigma brushes I had none. This was perfect for me because It comes with every brush you could ever need! I have had my kit for 2+ years now and they are still in amazing shape! I use them everyday and the brush hairs are super soft and get the job done! I would highly recommend getting this if you dont have many brushes.

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